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Results of CT scan
Aug 18, 2003
Hiya everyone~ As most of you know, I am recovering from ACDF and during the course of this I have developed some other problems as well. It started with leg pain and swelling, my knees hurting so much I could barely bend, then went to a horrid lower back ache. The lady that did my CT scan told me that she sees this sort of thing alot. That lower back problems develop after cervical problems because of using this area more.

Anyway, here it is.....L4-5~Spinal Stenosis, DDD,Bulge near a nerve, not yet compressing
L4-S1~Mild disc bulge
Arthritis in lower spine area which means it is in my whole spine now

My doc wants me to go for an MRI of the brain and my back as soon as I am out of this collar and I feel ready. I'm never going to feel ready, geesh~, but it has to be done. I am afraid that will show more bulgings/herniations in middle of my spine. What a mess I am!!!!!


March,2003~started with muscle spasms, shoulder pain, arm pain
Perscribed muscle relaxers
a week later prescribed steroids, sent to PT, and for MRI which showed 3 bulging discs C3-4, C4-5, C5-6
May2003~2nd course of steroids, numbing, tingling in arm and fingers,nerve pain and headaches, stopped PT(due to worsening of symptoms), had EMG which showed nothing irregular
May2003~appt w/neurosurgeon, sent for myleogram which showed herniation at C5-6 with nerve compression,DDD,arthritis in spine
June30,2003~ACDF with fusion using donor bone, no hardware(C5-6)
presently losing my mind from doing absolutely nothing~

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