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P.T. after Surgery
Aug 16, 2003
Just an observation which I hope may be helpful to others. After my foraminotomy and cord decompression with Dr. Jho, I experienced very little neck pain. However, I did have significant shoulder, upperback and arm spasms and pain. I found out that this was a combination of the surgical positioning and my hypermobile, but atrophied arms and shoulders.

When I followed up with my personal physician at home for an incision check, I told her about the shoulder problems and requested P.T. She agreed and I was so happy she did.

I have a great physical therapist who I have seen for neck therapy and other sports injuries in the past. She tested my muscle strength and range of movement. She was amazed at how much my muscles had atrophied since she had last seen me. I guesss that the nerve problems and lack of use really added up. I also had very little grip strenght left. My arms could be pulled right out of the socket, I was so weak.

The P.T. has really paid off! I am only into it for 1 week and only 2 & 1/2 weeks post surgery. Correct posture and muscle strength is starting to come back. I actually sat through a movie at the theatre with my daughter last night. That is the first time in years that I haven't experienced pain during a movie. I have been walking for about an hour 4-5 times per week. I hope to start short running spurts in the next week.

I have heard that neurosurgeons are not typically aware of the dire need for extensive physical therapy after a long episode of nerve pain in the neck. I can't imagine how I would have even gotten this far without the therapy. I hope that eveyone here has a sympathetic physician who will work with them to get the P.T. they need.


C3-4 through C6-7 disc herniations, three with cord contact.
C2-C7 Severe right facet degneration with significant forminal stenosis.
C5-6 & C6-7 Severe spondylosis

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