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Sheesh..this is the best spine forum yet! Would like feedback and advice on my situation, please. After a car accident with a mild to moderate whiplash, my symptoms emerged months later: heavy legs, weak legs, stiff lower legs, balance problems and some dizzyness, fatigue with occasional shuffle-gait. All symptoms dis-appeared with prednisone and some anti-inflammatories for awhile, only to return at approx 1/3rd of original severity. Neuro said MRI showed mild-to moderate Cervical Stenosis in the "C's" . I did not opt for further physical therapy as I was in a manageable state.
Inasmuch as I am in no pain, with the really consistent symptoms being mild leg weakness and stiffness, and mild to moderate fatigue....and I am able work at reasonable levels (drive alot) -- is my better option to continue on in this state taking a bunch of Motrin and waiting until endoscopic spinal surgery becomes more advanced? I am VERY reluctant to go under--I could come out worse than before and I fear anesthesia. But mainly I figure more advanced microsurgery-endoscopy of the spine is at least a few years away. So, should I wait? (The neuros' only statement of concern to me was that "someday you will need surgery". Other than that, he just gave me the prednisone. From the sound of the rest of you people, I'm pretty lucky so far. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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