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Next week is medical wrap-up time getting some tests, seeing some doctors AND hopefully checking off many issues from my list.

1) Im scheduled for my brain MRI 1 year after the brain surgery. This will make sure there are no more lesions, fluid or bleeding. Im expecting only good news!

2) I see the ENT doc to see if my vocal cords are healed from the neck surgery (5/19/03). He has been following me for a few months due to the nerve injury that caused breathing problems. The doc told me that if the vocal cord remained paralyzed by this visit, a surgical procedure would be needed. My breathing and speaking are much better so I dont expect any bad news.

3) Next week I get my mammogram always a bit nervous since Ive had breast cancer previously so Im anxious to get this done and celebrate another year!

4) Last but not least see the neurosurgeon to discuss my neck surgery (5/19/03) and review the brain MRI. The day after the neck surgery he told me that I would need more surgery I told him hed need to catch me! Im sure we will have a discussion on this but I cant think of surgery at this time.or maybe never!
My neck is healing well in PT 5x /week and am moving along. I was out of town last week though so missed 3 PT sessions then started up as before I should have eased up a little bit as Friday I was ouchy. Monday I will be more careful and continue progressing.

Everyone take care.

1968 Bells Palsy - on/off for over 30 years - now considered facial nerve damage
1976 Fibromyalgia - diagnosed chronic pain
1984 Back surgery Laminectomy L4-5, 5-6
1993 Car accident
1993 Breast Cancer
1995 Breast Cancer again
1995 Car accident - rear ended neck problems increased
2000 Total Hysterectomy
2002 Stroke due to brain lesion left temporal
2002 Craniotomy - left temporal Cavernous Malformation
2003 5/19/03 Emergency Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating C5-6 and C6-7

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