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hello tidbit,
You are not alone in this case, there are a whole load of people like this on this site similar, most of the time it start hurting again 3-4 month post. I will make it short to explain what is happening up to now.
Pre op MRI
“ C5-6; there is 5-6mm disc osteophyte complex centrally and to the left.
C6-7: There is moderate bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing with a diffuse disc osteophyte complex of approximately 3-4mm.”

Surgery was on the last week of 01/03, ACDF C-5-6, C6-7 with donor bone and hardware. Feel better for 2-months post op, x-ray confirm C-5, 6,7 fused already. But after 2-months all pains came back, Neck, left shoulder, and shoulder blade, left arm and finger. Went for the EMG nerve test, result came back negative. Since I have hardware I cant do MRI anymore, so C spine CT Myelogram was done, and the result came back as follows:

“At the level of C5-6, there has been anterior cervical fusion with plate and screws placed in the anterior aspect of C5 and C6 vertebral bodies. There is no displacement of the plate and screws. There is 3-4 mm central osteophytic spurring with narrowing of the AP dimension of the thecal sac to approximately 8 mm. There is contouring of the ventral aspect of the cervical spinal cord. There is left uncovertebral hypertrophy with mild to moderate left neural foraminal narrowing.
Doing physical theraphy not helping much, first Epidual steroid injection done not much help.
No lawyer, still in good term with w/c & dr.
Your case is very similar to mine and have a lot of question and like to ask how to go about doing things right. Let me know if & how I can do it. If I can do by e-mail I will post my address for you.

You are definitely not alone. I am still in pain 4 mos later, with the arm pain, headaches,still have balance problems, and decreased strength in my left arm.

My newest MRI is showing spurs(osteophytes) that weren't there 8 mos ago. I had the MRI after my ACDF. The artifact caused by the hardware was minimal.

I am going for an EMG/NVC a week from Friday and then to a new PM the week after that. My NS is trying to tell me I have nerve compression somewhere else, other than in my neck, but hopefully the EMG will tell the tale.

I take Ultram, Aleve, and occasional hydrocodone or Mepergan, although I tend to shy away from using the narcotics, because they make me feel wired and interfere with my sleep [img][/img] However, when I have a cervical headache, and I do now, the opiates are what do the trick.

Hope both you and I can find out the cause of so much discomfort this far out in our recoveries.

God bless,


C4-5 noncompressive disc displacement
C5-6 compressive disc displacement
C6-7 broad based disc protrusion encroaching on the anterioposterior aspect of the spinal canal.
ACDF C6-7 5/13/03 with titanium plate,4 screws, and no collar postop.
New MRI 8/25/03
C5-6 posterior annular bulge, now with spurring,canal stenosis, and foraminal stenosis

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