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Hi Everyone.

I haven't been on the board for about a week now but came back to share what the doc told me today. And then, I got all involved in reading YankeeFan's tragic story. Holy cow! That makes my problems seem so trivial right now. I will join everyone in sending as much positive energy her way as I can. Whew...I'm in shock! That poor family.

I went to see the orthopedic surgeon today. He took a look at my MRI and said I had a very inflamed A/C joint. It was lit up like a light bulb on the MRI. That's the acromion/clavicular joint. I guess one is the ball, one is the socket. Researching the shoulder is a lot harder than researching the neck, I'll tell you that much for sure! I have arthritis there but he actually said "Big whoop! Everyone over the age of 40 has it there!" But I have other things going on there too and so he said he'd give me a cortisone shot and see me in a month. If it isn't better, we'd discuss surgery. I told him no, if I need surgery, I don't want to wait a month I want it ASAP. He gave me kind of a weird look and I said "let me explain." I told him about my ACDF and how going into that one of my my chief complaints was my shoulder which didn't get fixed. I told him that I'm already on disability and I NEED to get back to work. I don't want to wait another month just to find out I need another surgery which will extend the disability even longer. If I need it, and he does it now, I can get back to work on schedule. He softened up then and said ok. Let me give you a shot in the joint with xylocaine <sp?> or lidocaine or something that numbs it...I forgot which, and threw some cortisone in for good measure. He said if that removed the pain, then it would prove to him that the surgery was required in that joint...since I've had this worsening problem for 4 years. That was a big factor in his decision. Well folks, small miracles do happen. Within minutes I had full range of motion back in my arm. So, he told me to go up front and schedule the surgery. I'm just waiting for them to get it pre-certified with my insurance. I'll probably have it next week. Please don't think I'm one of those freaks that like having surgery. I'm just one of those people who has been in pain for so long that I'm fed up. I want to be fixed and I want to be fixed now.

He's going to do a acromiomplasty...or something like that. I have shoulder impingement which means everytime I move my shoulder, the tendons rub on the bone...which has a lot of arthritis on it. That bone looked like the Rocky Mountains on the MRI. Not smooth like a bone should be, it was all jagged and looked painful for a tendon to be rubbing on. I'm surprised that tendon isn't shredded from looking at the MRI. Who knows, it might be. They never know until they actually get inside. My neck was a lot worse than it looked on the MRI.

It's an orthoscopic surgery. He'll go in and clean it up so nothing is rubbing on the tendons anymore and hopefully I'll be good as new in a few weeks and can get on with my life. He said he would clean up any other problems he found while he was in there as well. Most people don't want surgery, I don't either, but at this stage of the game, all I want is to be pain free. It's a day surgery, I'll be off for one week, light duty for 2-4 weeks, and then back to work. Hopefully, fully functional. I won't know what to do when all my parts are working properly again!

Anyways, I sure hope YankeeFan recovers. She'll be in my thoughts all the time now. I'm not going to be able to get her off my mind. I'll be anxiously awaiting any news along with the rest of you.



Herniated discs at C4-5 & C5-6
Spinal Cord compressed 5mm at C4-5, 7mm at C5-6 due to Spondylosis
ACDF with Hardware at both levels on 07/01/03

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