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Re: Franjo (Teri)
Sep 8, 2003
Hi Carla - Teri can't post right now but I said i'd post the following for her:-

"Carla ~ I've not been able to post here .. I keep getting an error message in Explorer.. hopefully i'll get DH to haul my computer to the shop this week.

Thanks for thinking of me! I'm doing alright. The tethered cord release surgery left me with some deficit in my good, left leg and I've lost motor function of my right leg from the knee down ... there's no feeling or movement there. I've learnt that i'm considered to be an "incomplete paraplegic" . The NS believes I suffered a spinal cord stroke in the 24 hrs after the surgery.

I'm receiving PT 3X weekly, and OT 2X weekly in my own home. I'm currently using a wheelchair, but can walk the length of my house 6 times with the aid of a full leg-brace and a walker, which I try to make it a point to do at least once a day. My endurance isn't what I'd like, but patience is key. Ahh PATIENCE! [img][/img]

I remain very optimistic about getting a return of function to my legs. It's a VERY slow process, and should be measured in months or even years, not weeks or days. I do have to keep reminding myself of this.

It's just so great to finally be back home! Five weeks from my little boy was about all I could bear! I was soooooo homesick. DH has been great ... installing handrails on the front steps ... grab bars in the shower ... lowering shelves in the laundry room ... even cooking suppers!! Shame on me I'm wondering how long I can milk this for :)

I hope this finds everyone here doing good. I've missed everyone ... hopefully I'll be getting the glitch out of my computer soon.

God bless and Keep

Ann xx


ACDF with own hip bone at levels C3-4 and C5-6 on 21 June 2003

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