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I also had surgery on 2nd(adcf c4-5)
been feeling good in no pain since coming out of recovery except for sore throat.
Have hard time finding position to sleep also. try all pillows ,recliner,bed ,or sofa.Just can't find that nitch.Wearing Miami J collar til post-op visit on Oct 15.Walking 1 hour a day and not doing much else.No lifting,no arms above head, no bending.Everything that I was told.
Thought I was home free then last night started with muscle spasms between shoulder blades and headache Started up neck to base of skull.
Guess its 2 steps forward and one step back
Hope you start feeling better real soon and be pain free

Mary Ellen
Sorry to hear of you pain. You said you were trying to stay off meds.I was told to take pain meds for at least a week every 4 hours even if I didn't think I needed them.So I did then quit taking a week after surgery Did really good until last night now back on Will try for another week.
Hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you


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[This message has been edited by magtize (edited 09-18-2003).]

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