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hi- why dont you have the collar off yet? didnt they do an MRI on you at 2 months to see if it fused? i had mine off at 8 weeks but i wore an aspen collar 24/7 even in the shower....i got a torn rotator cuff from not being able to move my shoulders properly or i dont know maybe it was from my car crash, anyway, which ever the operation made it careful ofthat shoulder.....i had my hip used and it was awful. i had pain there for 3-4 months after wards, and it is still senstive, the doc said perhaps as long as up to 1 yr after wards.....this is a VERY DEEP CUT into my back side cheek to the iliac crest......mistyone

sept 02 nasty car crash by drunk driver. got C5-6-7 HNP, T-7-8 bulge, 8-9, 10-11 HNP, L 5 L3 S1 lateral recess, ACDF with my hip on right side, posterior CDF w 11 screws and 4 plates, hareware has to come out in feb 04 when the bone has matured. my n/s quit her practice an not i am up the creek trying to find another n/s or orthopod to help me as they are all fearful of malpractice where the other doctor was.....not on pain meds but on xanax 1 mg and effexor 75 mgs. have torn right rotator cuff w/ some DDD thrown in for good meaure. have left hand dominant CTS and not a happy camper right now....

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