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Hey everyone,
Has anyone had a fusion without screws
or plates? Had fusion on c5-6 in June.
Neuro said to use plating would be overkill.
Donor bone was used. Still don't know if I
am fused or starting to fuse. Still in alot
of pain, have new pain in right shoulder. The
left arm was the reason for surgery. Neuro did
order another MRI but it came out negative.
Also have grinding/cracking noise in neck.
I hope someone out there has been thru this and
can give me some info. Migraines are as bad as
ever. My shoulders draw up atleast 3 to 4 inches
and I awake with fists clinched during the night.
Haven't worn collar since 1 mth post op. I also
have really bad nightmares that my neck is coming
apart. During these nightmares my body shakes the
king size bed I sleep on. If anyone has experienced
anything like this or had a fusion done with nothing
holding it together please help.

Scared and in Pain,

ACDF C5-6 June 9, 2003 using donor bone no plate or
screws. Smoker. Pain meds oxy 10 and loritab 5mg.
Flexeril for muscle spasms.

I had ACDF C5-6 using my bone and no hardware. I wore a collar for about 8 weeks after the surgery. I was allowed to wear a soft collar at night as long as I stayed lying down. the surgery has helped to a point but I now have other problems. Originally it was my left side hurting more now my left hurts depending what I do but my right is also hurting. I do have bulges now at C4-5 and C6-7. I also have spinal cord cysts at C5-6 and C2.
I was told that the cracking you hear when you turn your head was from ligaments.
I am still glad I had the surgery though. Remember it takes time for all this to heal.


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