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Oh yeah, do I get head aches. I get horrible migraines that pretty much cripple me. They seem to come and go. I may get one and not have another for weeks, and then again I may get one every day for several days in a row. Recently I had migraines for almost 3 weeks straight with only a couple of days in between where I didn't have one. It ended last Monday finally, I was about at my wits end and it added immensely to a depression I was already experiencing. If I can take imitrex when I first start getting that stiff and hot feeling in my neck where my ears start to ring, I can sometimes mitigate the pain from developing full blown. If I wake up already in pain, it's too late, I'm in deep sh*& at that point. I find that standing under a hot shower helps a lot, but as soon as I get out from the shower it's right there again. Mine are the same as yours, they start at the base of my skull and wrap up and around toward my eyes. Usually it's one side or the other, but on occasion I get both sides, and when that happens I end up vomiting and in such pain that I sincerely wish I was dead. I found that the cortisone shots into my neck muscles by the pain doc do help relax the spasms in the neck muscles and often give me several weeks of less frequent migraines. Every one of you have my sincere sympathy with these things, unless someone experiences it like this on a recurring basis as you all are, it's hard to explain or imagine just how horrible and debilitating they can be. I've had them come on at work and often have to either go home or have someone drive me home so I can just go to bed with the lights off. One note, I was on neurontin from last December through mid April or so, and never had a migraine until toward the end for that whole time. Before then I had them regularly. The only problem was that the neurontin fogged me up so badly and gave me such short term memory loss that I couldn't remember friends' names half the time. It also packed 20 pounds on me that I just finally lost again after being off the pills. I decided to stay off all pills as far as taking them regularly, but have a bottle of topamax and another of ultracet that I keep handy for days when my neck really hurts terribly or I need a good night's sleep after several sleepless ones due to the discomfort. I wish you all the greatest success in finding solutions that help you. I know what you are living with and it's a huge injustice.

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