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New here sure could use some advise. April 03 arms, hands started staying numb for long period through the day, family doctor sent me for x-ray of neck. Results showed mild disc disease & dorsal spurring at c5-c6, minimally impinging on neural foramina. Long story short had EMG at neuro, (ortho & neuro both had said carpel tunnel both hands). Have had open surgury both hands in Aug. Neck, shoulders, arms, severe headaches back of head, numbness in fingers, severe and I mean real severe pain in thumbs and along wrist above thumbs. Toes have now started going numb (all except big toe). Swallowing sometimes feels like a ball in my throat. Fatigued. Went to neuro yesterday and demanded something be done. He said I had a very severe case of carpel tunnel in both my hands and I needed thearpy and time, also needed to change my career. Data entry. Ortho released me back to full work duty after two weeks post surgury. Neuro has now ordered from w/c permission for a MRI. Has anyone out there had these kind of symtoms for problems at the c5-c6. Could my previous xray findings of my neck have gotten worse since April? Also have very severe pains in lower back. Any help or opinions would sure be helpful. Neuro said it will take probably another month by the time w/c gives ok for MRI.
I think you should get an MRI asap as it sounds like you may need an op to widen the foriminal space or a fusion at the c5/6 level. Please see another dr to get an MRI sooner as thesenerve pain symptoms can progress and if left too long sometimes become permanent. Can your local dr get you in somewhere for both a ct and MRI as it sounds like a while to wait. I am sorry your having so much pain and I hope you have suitable meds and if your need more info plenty of wise ones here can help.

23rd July 03, ADR c5/6

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