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The lump I feel in my throat is from after surgery and still there. I did not have this before surgery. I had C5-C6 ACDF with hardware.

After the surgery when I first woke up I had a problem getting my gag reflex back and it took approximately 12 hours before it was back - during this time I could not feel any lump or anything.

After I got the feeling back I could hardly swallow. I had a voice but was horse. After that, the lump seems to have gotten better up to 4 months post op. Seems like the last 2 months I have not made any changes.

The lump feels like a constant pill or food stuck in my throat. When I do physical things it seems like it is hard to breath - I have to take my time and go slow. grrrrrrrr....

When I get uptight or upset at something it feels like the lump goes from maybe a marble size to an apple or sometimes a grapefruit size in my throat and then I get horse or loose my voice.

My NS said he would recommend me to a throat and ear specialist; however, I have been rather hesitant to go....I had sinus surgery 7/02 and didn't like things stuck up my nose and know I wont like scopes stuck down my throat. I've put it off and put it off....but the other day I made an appointment and it is in 2 weeks.

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