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you dont say how old you are but i am 47 yrs old now, regarding your potential posterior foraminatomy,,,,,i had that done you dont say if they are going to fuse you or use your hip bone or donor bone, but i ll tell you what ..i had foramintomy, corpectomy, laminectomy, fusion at two levels c 5-6-7 with 11 screws and 4 plates and my neck still hurts 9 months post op. i also had an anterior with donor bone same thing at the same levels. this is not going to be a fun operation. i am not going to candy coat this and i think you should know full well what you are getting yourself into. not that i am negative person mind you, but this is a very hard operation to take after they wake you up. i have a 6" long scar down the back of my neck , they shaved my head in the back and on the sides. they put you on a jackson table in the prone postion and then put head tongs on your head on the sides to keep your head still. so you will have pain about the size of two quarters on opposite side of your head along the side of your head where they shave that area also. my hair never really grew back in from the trama in the back and the sides. they cut all the muscles if you have it done with retrators, you will have staples to have to come out in about a week and you will wake up with a drain inserted into you back also. i had to have 3 blood transfusions two of which were my own that i gave before hand...... i dont know about micro less invasive, as i did nt have that i had the real mccoy. the whole 9 yards. sometimes they will tell you they can do it less invasive but end up doing more as they cant get to it that way. this is the chance you will have to take. i took and i a m still in pain with trying to raise my neck up all the way and it hurts the middle of my back now to stand up tall and straigt also since it puts added stress upon other areas of your spine, but if you neeed to do it, then you have to do it. i wish there was another way to go but sometimes there is not. i am on anti depressants to help me cope with loss of function and range of motion in my neck. i have difficulty driving as i can not turn my neck all the way to the right or left and this impairs my driving ability, i have to turn my entire body left and right. i am fearful of being in another car crash as these metal things can break and who knows what could happen then. i had to wear a aspen collar for 2 months. that was very uncomfortable also. you take many meds to quiet the muscle spasms for 1-2 months afterwards to the point your neck becomes 'fixed' and you cant move it at all untill the spasms go away. mistyone

sept 02 nasty car crash by drunk driver. got C5-6-7 HNP, T-7-8 bulge, 8-9, 10-11 HNP, L 5 L3 S1 lateral recess, ACDF with my hip on right side, posterior CDF w 11 screws and 4 plates, hardware .still on pain meds occassionally but on xanax 1 mg and effexor 75 mgs. have torn right rotator cuff w/ some DDD thrown in for good meaure. have left hand ******nt CTS and not a happy camper right now....

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[This message has been edited by mistyone (edited 10-12-2003).]

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