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I just had ACDF surgery with own hip bone a 10 days ago (C5-C6 & C6-C7). So far I am very pleased. I had severe pain in arm, shoulder, elbow, and wrist along with numbness in hand, forearm.. sometimes only thumb, index, & middle finger prior to surgery. I was very lucky that I did not have significant spinal cord compression. All the previous pain is gone.

If I could have had disc replacement instead of fusion I would have gone that route .. Alas it is not available in the USA yet.

I know it is a scary proposition... but with 3 Doctor's recommendations... well I would follow their recommendations.
Itoo am advised that I have the worst kind of spinal chord compression from a c5 c6 herniated and sequestered disc that pushes on my spinal chord. If I dont' have surgery i'll be paralyzed..yikes.. yetthe pain is still less than when it first herniated nov.2000. I have wierd and new symptoms like constant pins and needles upon coughing laughing etc.

i also have l5 s1 disc herniation that pains inmy hip and leg terribly.. i hate pills but can tolerate tylenol 3 only ..percocet i can only take 1/4pill at a time or i get so sick...

my surgery is nov 10/03and so many say wait...others that have done well are not posting to us as they have been lucky to move past this predicament.

I know how difficult this decision is...i personally find it the worst situation that my life has been in.

I still treadmill, don't work or teach piano anymore...and cannotget lower back surgery until ACDF on neck according to one would put me under with neck this bad...

so just keep reading.,.and remember those who did disc surgery and are better dont generally need to whine or seek emotional support like the rest of us.

I cannot steer you with a conclusive answer but tell you what ever decision you make be sure...Iam not either and I have 4 weeks to change my mind...

Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky to have these choices compared to others who suffer in a 3rd world. God only knows the answer and then again this is your journey not his.

Best of luck I am rooting for you

sincerely, NERO

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