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I have a question about my MRI report. I don't understand when they talk about the AP measurement of the spinal canal. At C4-5 mine is 6.0-7.0 mm compatible with a spinal stenosis. Also at C4-5 it says, broad based disc protrusion present indenting the anterior thecal sac and causing some flattening of the spinal cord. And at C3-4 it says, small central disc protrusion measuring 3.0mm AP x 4.0 mm in width. I have tried to look up these measurements, and other information. I cannot figure out how bad or serious this may be or if it is a mild problem?

Feb.2003-ACD w/o fusion at C5-6.
Oct.2003-C4-5 disc bulging, C3-4 disc protrusion.
Degenerative Spondylosis, DDD, Arthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Bone Marrow Edema, etc...

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