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Cortisone Shots
Oct 14, 2003
I have been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and arm. Tests my primary physician ran (maneuvering the arm) indicates it may not be related to my neck but may be related to the shoulder. I have had xrays of the shoulder which did not show anything and the orthopedic physicians assistant indicated it was not a shoulder problem but was a neck problem. He wanted to refer me to a spinal doctor. I turned him down indicating I already had one I trusted.

My primary care doctor wants to do a cortisone shot in the shoulder. What my concern is will this affect my neck in any way (i.e. make it worse). I have had ACDF C5-6-7 in March 2002 so I am pretty sure my fusion is solid. I have also had a second MRI (in May 2003) which indicates I have a herniated disc at C4-5.

I plan on asking my orthopedic spine surgeon before I allow him to do it but just wanted to get some input from fellow cervies.

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