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Had MRI of c spine a few years ago. C5-6 bulging, not herniated. Told my doc at that time I was hurting and he said nope, not possible.

I have such bad headaches. I mean, it just never goes away! Its in the lower right side of my head. My neck hurts, my shoulders ache, my arms hurt, etc.

I saw my neuro again last week because when I am driving and need to turn my head to look out the window or anything, I hear clicking sounds in my neck as if it's constantly * popping * itself.

I told him last week I wasn't better with the headache, facial pain, neck pain, etc. He said neck probs don't cause headache and it's normal to have bulging discs in the neck.

I can't go see anyone else because I don't have insurance and I lost my job. I think I need another MRI of my neck to see if there has been any changes and he said no, not necessary.

I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't function because it hurts and he just blows it off, no big deal, etc.
The pain is causing me to clench/grind my teeth when I do sleep thus increasing the pain and anxiety type feelings.

What happens now??? What should I do?

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