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Welcome to the board. I usually hang out on the "back problems" board where we have more members with lumbar issues, but I saw your post and wanted to suggest that you look online for a dermatome map. This will show you which spinal nerves innervate which area of the body.

Specifically take a look at the C6-C7 dermatomes and see if this matches where your pain is located. When you say shoulder, I don't know if you mean the back, like the shoulder blade or on the front side.

The MRI is just one piece of the diagnostic puzzle, and the findings need to be correlated with what the spine specialist finds upon physical exam, basic neurologic exam and after listening to your description of symptoms and how they affect your life.

You will note that at C6-C7 shows degenerative changes of the disc and the facet joints that are causing moderate to severe right foraminal stenosis and mild left foraminal stenosis. Radiologists use specific adjectives to describe how serious an issue is and they have meaning to all physicians. At least for the spine, they are: minimal, mild, moderate and severe. There isn't much room beyond severe for something to get it is very likely that these changes are pinching the nerve or nerves in the foramen (a foramina is an opening located at each vertebral level, on each side, through which spinal nerves exit the spine and go out to a specific area of the body). Your foraminal stenosis appears to be worse than stenosis in the central canal.

I would want to know how the doctor thinks the stenosis is going to go away.
Also find out if there is cord compression.

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