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Hi everyone! I'm new and I have a few questions. I have a herniated disc in my c4-5 area. The doctor said there is no impingment. I have no idea what impingement is. He told me I need to have surgery sometime during my life.....the sooner the better.

When he told me this news, I was rather stunned, so I didn't "hear" everything he told me. After my initial shock, I came home and looked up many things on the internet, which led me to these boards.

What is impingement? If I have surgery, what will the dr. do? Is fusion the only option? Can herniated discs be repaired......keeping the disc?? I feel so ignorant, so I don't know what questions to ask. I am in very good health otherwise. I'm 32 years YOUNG. I'm terrified to have surgery, however, since I am still young, it would be best........or maybe if I have surgery now, it will cause me lifetime of more pain.

My herniated disc is pushing on my spinal cord. Why is it that I have pain for about 2 weeks and then it goes away for a few months? I have no pain right now other than just a bit of discomfort if I lie a certain way. But soon, the pain will come back full force with no advance warning..and it keeps me in bed to the point where I cannot move my neck without wanting to cry, except that crying makes the pain hurt worse. I thank GOD that the pain isn't like that constantly in my life. I'm just wondering why it comes and goes like that if the disc is herniated and pressing on my spinal cord all the time.

I'm sorry this is so long. I just am so unaware and need to be more educated by people who are going through this.
Thanks so much!

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