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Misty -

I had a CT myelogram in 1997 previous to a fusion at C5-6. I had no discomfort at all with it. Never even felt the needle. But ... I think the reason was b/c I was already in so much pain from my herniation. I wasn't able to take my pain meds that morning due to the water/food intake prohibition before the test, then the test was delayed b/c the "machine was down". They offered to reschedule, but I chose to wait. I am on this board b/c I may be going through this all again just having found out that I have two herniations just above and below the fusion. Please let us know how your procedure goes. Every experience is different, so I am learning from reading the responses to your question. Maybe it will keep me from being blindsided. :)

Good luck with your procedure.

I just had a ct/myelogram performed yesterday... The most painful part of the test was the pinch from the needle... Nothing else a little pressure maybe. I have a mild headache today.. But so far so good. I had a 1 PM appointment and was back in the car by 3 PM... My lower back has a soreness but nothing severe.
I was anxious before the test, my only fear was "the headache" but so far I am doing fine. Do exactly as the dr tells you.... I stayed sitting down for about a half hour after the test .. Then when I arrived home I sat upright in my recliner for about 8 or 9 hours. I slept a little fitfully but I feel ok...The dr said the dye will be absorbed into my system in about 10 or 11 hours, because it was water based. The tilting of the table was a nerve racking thing but I only experienced a little discomfort between my shoulder blades that lasted for about 10 seconds..
Hope this helps... Dont be worried so much,, everything will be fine.

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