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I was x-ray with degenerative disc disease at C5-6 with narrowing of neural foramen at this level on right side. I have pain, numbness and tinger feeling of my rt arms from sholder, arm, elbow, and finger.
Is there any physical therapy I can do to strength something in my neck to open up the spacing at C5-6 so that the narrowing of neural foramen is widen.
thank for any suggestions and guidance.
YP- I cant help you with a exercise but for pain relief try lifting your right arm above your head and rotate tour rist out(to the right) Does this relieve the pain? That position I believe will open up somthing and relieve pressure off of your nerve. It did for me. If so get an MRI.

Good Luck.

Hit in head by freight Elevator last August.
HNP C5-6 Small to Moderate in size, eccentric to the right and right paracentral in location. Associated nerve root displacement especially on the right. Associated effacement of the subarachnoid space @ C5-6. on root nerve.

Cervical Radiculopathy.
Chronic Cervicogenic Headaches.
1 Epidural(did not help)

Past Meds:
Elavil, Reglan, Relafen, Flexeril,
Nortriptyline, Feldene & Trazodone& Prednisone
Now taking:
1800 mgs Neurontin, Vicodin no more than twice a week.
Pnuematic traction unit
zero gravity chair

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