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Current symptoms are: Severe neck pain, loss in range of motion, weakness numbness and pain extending into the left shoulder down into the fingers. Sharp head pains at the base of the skull where the indention is. More recently it has began to travel into the right arm as well.
When I first saw a neurologist he performed a EMG test, by sticking needles into my arms to evaluate the nerve response. The test results concluded the weakness, pain and numbness was from the C7/T1. From there I was sent to a surgeon ofter 1 1/2 years of conservative measures. The neurosurgeon said that he believed that the pain and other symptoms were coming from the c5/c6, so of course, with him being a specialist in the field, I proceeded with his recommendations. After the surgery I still complained of the same symptoms. I asked him about the c7/t1 being the cause of it. He stated he was not that it would require removing a portion of the collar bone in order to get to it, and that he was uncomfortable performing that level that maybe one of his colleagues could/would. After many appointments with him due to the same symptoms, he orders today's MRI. I completed them and went to his office, and he said the results were normal nothing wrong, and that he would like to send me back to the original neurologist to have another MRI and be tested for MS, as well as to a cardiovascular dr. to test my blood flow to see if that maybe the cause of the numbness and weakness. He is unaware that I got a copy of the imaging today. When I got home, I put the imaging cd in to review it, and found the report that you see above. I'm so confused.

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