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Where did you come from istitch4ever? Where ever it is, I am so glad your here. ;) Again, thank you so much.
I hope we can continue talking because your words are great!
I have other things going on too that you may possibly be able to give me your opinions on.

I guess I am braver than I give myself credit for. As for finding the beast....I hope they can so I can have longer pain relief. I am willing to try [U]almost[/U] anything. Can you tell me more about Botox treatment?

My worst constant pain is in my lower lumbar area and it got worse after I had the 4 level DLIF (L1 to L5) this past December. I have bladder/bowel issues at a moderate degree along with the different other pains that come & go.
I have pain, numbness & extreme sensitivity at the surgery site on my left side and my back where the rods are. I swear I can feel them in there and the entire area hurts constantly, more so when I switch positions.

Plus at the surgery site, there are 3 incisions when there's suppose to be 2 and the only thing I can get from the surgeons assistant is "the third incision is for Dr. ____ thumb placement this way your bowel movements remain intact without being touch" and when I asked again she said " HI, thatís the way for surgery to be performed to stay away from your bowel movement"
QUOTEs from emails. Then of coarse to make an appt. with the Dr to answer this question. I was so angry.....I honestly didn't even think about the 3rd incision until about a month ago! Talk about brain fog! And her info is hideous, totally ridiculous!

I also had a 2 level ACDF (C4-5 & C5-6) in December 2011 and [U]less than [/U]2 1/2years after, I need another surgery at the levels above and below!
The one above is compressing onto the spinal cord, been there done that!
The crazy thing is we spoke about doing all 4 levels at the time because my
2nd opinion Dr suggested to do all 4 levels. The Dr that did the surgery wanted to do only the 2 coz, he said he was worried about the range of motion I'd loose and that I may or may not ever need another surgery. So you can imagine how upset I was when I found this out after such a short time after the surgery.

Then there's something wrong with in my Brain according to the MRI. I'm still working on getting an appt with a Dr that the Neurosurgeon I'm seeing now wants me to go see. Also my thoracic, there's a couple bulging discs at T6-T7 and T7-T8 as well as a mass (cyst) at T6 which is part of what the myelogram is for this Friday.

I have depression due to so many health issues, pain and how my whole life has changed. I've lost my mobility, I walk with a cane and my quality of life is gone. etc, etc, etc, etc. There's stress level is thru the roof.

Anyway, I better stop here, I don't want to make this much longer at one time.
I look forward to reading any response you may give me.

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