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Thank you for your responses ......ChuckStr...yes the nerve block is with

fluoroscopy. It's being done for pain relief, (hopefully) in my thighs, left side of butt and down the back of my left leg where I sometimes get shooting pains. My PM Dr is doing it, he's also a anesthesiologist. There will be 3 injections. I had a discogram & scared it will all hurt like that did. "Yikes"

I still have chronic pain across my lumbar and nothing has been suggested for that & I wish they would!! My lumbar pain is my worst pain, maybe some of the medicine will go up towards that'm sure it probably won't.

As for the myelogram, for my thoracic, the MRI is not clear enough for the neurosurgeon to see exactly where the cyst is. He can't see if it's inside the cord (dura?) or on the outside of it.

For the lumbar, he can't see hardly anything except hardware (lots of it) so he wants to see if there will be a clearer view while I'm having thoracic done, he included the lumbar. Maybe he'll be able to see if I'm fusing or nerves or something.

Plus I have to get a special blood test 2 to 3 days before the myelogram.

Is there a lot of radiation with a myelogram? I heard they make you lay still for a while after words so you don't get a bad head ache! From them shooting the dye in the spine. scared scared scard!!!

I am just very scared of the pain these may cause.

Thanks Ruff & Imachick & ChuckStr

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