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I have been reading the posts on this board since my surgery. Many have been very helpful and valuable. Thank you.

I am 10 weeks post 2 level ACDF C5-6-7. My surgeon instructed me to wear a hard brace for 4 weeks and a soft collar for 4 weeks there after. I am off the brace except for when I sleep. I am afraid to "sleep wrong" on it.

Yesterday I took my kids to a birthday party and was doing "normal movements" as far as socializing and turning my head normally when I needed to, etc. When I came home, I took a short nap with out the brace for the first time. Shorty after I awoke , I felt sort of a flare up in my shoulder blade and neck area similar to the flare ups before surgery. The similar stiffness , pain , and restriction. I still have many of my pre surgery radiculopathy symptoms but this is different. Does this sound common to any of you? It probably is common but would like to hear any feedback..

Welcome to the board. I am glad you found us.

I wouldn't worry about the symptoms you mention. It is very easy to overdo things, especially when you first stop wearing the brace. You are very early in your recovery. You will find that progress is in baby steps, and they do not always move forward!
Thank you for the response. I agree I probably over did it a bit. Although I had read warnings from others about overdoing it many times ,I didn't think I was over doing it. I guess I was wrong. I had been weaning off the brace for weeks and had not worn it during the day for 10 days prior. Being in your home vs. public places are totally different scenarios. Thanks again ! I hope this subsides soon!

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