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Teteri66, thank you for taking the time for such an elaborate response I appreciate it.

[QUOTE]"This is where there are three discs that are in varying stages of herniation, including the one at T5-6, which is suspected of causing some myelomacia. It appears they are pressing into the spinal cord, but not enough to cause compression or loss of cord signal."[/QUOTE]

^The kind of myelomalacia that can cause paralysis of the legs? I am just so terrified I will not be able to exercise, travel, have sex (excuse my bluntness), and follow my ambitions like a normal 28 year old.

[QUOTE]"At L5-S1 the herniated disc is pushing into the S1 nerve on the right side."[/QUOTE]

^I believe the car accidents did a lot of damage, but the weightlifting injury that really aggravated it and caused the initial "agonizing pain" is the one that caused the lumbar herniation I believe. At first, I was having shooting sciatica into my right leg and into my heel. It went away. Then, 2 months ago, I was playing volleyball and my knee started burning and hasnt went away since. I had an MRI of my knee and nothing is awry. Do you think the pain is related to the lumbar and, if so, would a discectomy help it?

[QUOTE]"However, the neurosurgeon should have provided a plan of treatment for you and an accurate diagnosis. Conservative treatment options would include things like a course of physical therapy, oral medications, perhaps a series of steroid injections, etc. When the entire spine has issues, sometimes doctors aren't quite sure where to begin treatment."[/QUOTE]

^ I had one steroid injection into my lumbar and it did nothing. I've been doing physical therapy for more than a year and it mildly, mildly helps. I still can't sit or ride in a car for more than a few minutes without pain. I've had one lumbar nerve ablation and it helped, for only 2 weeks, and am set up for a thoracic ablation in a few weeks. As far as medication, I've tried nortryptaline and, while fantastic for pain, dulls my intelligence and makes me irritable. I won't accept those types of personality changes (lose my friends, fail school) to be painless.

[QUOTE]You might benefit from an alternate therapy type person who does body work.
Have you ever stopped all your activities and given your spine a chance to heal up? I would think that volleyball is very hard on your back, with the jumping, twisting, etc. and lifting weights is probably not helpful when you have bad discs....[/QUOTE]

What types of alternative therapy did you have in mind? I have stopped weightlifting and lost almost 30 pounds of muscle and gained quite a bit of fat (a real confidence killer haha). As far as volleyball, my friend just asked me to play yesterday and I declined. Its been almost 2 months since I've played.

I will not accept this injury to control and limit my life in the future, but I am willing to forfeit these things now for the sake of my future. If you can, please address my questions. Thanks so much!

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