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Focal Myelomalacia
Oct 27, 2014
Hello All,

My first post here ever. I need advice on my condition, as it seems the more I google or search it, the more concerned I get. Back in 1986 I had suffered a concussion and whiplash. Through out the years I have progressively gotten more pain, with more numbness and such, 1st MRI 2008 shows all disc's in my cervical spine herniated. Got a steroid injection for that. In 2012, one of my disc's slipped and I had an MRI that showed C4-5 spinal cord impingement down to 4mm. I had a disc removal with cadaver bone as well as a titanium plate. April 2014 I developed severe cervical pain. Had MRI, and I was told to see a neurosurgeon. She gave me one of 2 options. Have my neck completely fused or have a several level decompression. I had loads of spinal stenosis, myelopathy, and bone spurs, you name it. She highly recommended the spinal decompression, that although the recovery is extremely painful and long, I was too young (51) to have my neck completely fused. This past June I had the decompression done. Needless to say, she was not a good surgeon in the "follow up" department. 1 minute post op visit, never an xray or anything. About 2 months ago, my symptoms started coming back slowly, left arm pain, dropping things, knee buckling, and then in early this Sept a friend gave me a hug and I felt like I was being electrocuted, and dropped to my knees. I have been deteriorating more and more every day. My family Dr. ordered an MRI, which shows in my C5-6 area Focal Myelomalacia, or as my Dr called it progressive post traumatic myelomalacic myelopathy (mushy cord symdrome) I faxed these results to my neurosurgeon because of my concern that none of this showed up on my April (this springs) MRI. She called back, saying there is nothing she will surgically do to me and that I need to seek a pain control clinic. I understand I am in excruciating pain, but I have many more issues besides pain, like the fact that I touch my back of my neck (incision) and I get a shock wave going down my arms. That's just a part of my issues. My question is, could she have caused this during my surgery in June, and she is covering it up? Am I being paranoid? From what I am reading, Focal Myelomalacia is not a common diagnosis and never has is been said on my other 3 MRI's (She did a C3-7 Posterior decompression) Any help or advice of what my future may hold from any of you that have this diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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