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Oct 29, 2014
I havent been on here for awhile. Im still waiting for surgery, been 3.5 years now since I went to my GP and they knew i had a history of spondylolisthesis. I have been offered a mutli level lumbar fusion with laminectomy. I was offered this on 1 August by my consultant. Hospital policy in the UK is 18 weeks maximum wait. Symptoms have got worse in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. I have a lot of pain with tingling and numbness in all my limbs. I have had another MRI lumbar and cervical but it picked up some of the thoracic spine as well. The MRI reads as follows
Comparison is made with previous MRI dated 17/7/12
Bilateral spondyloslysis at L5 and the grade 2 anterolisthesis at L5-S1 with a forward slip of 7.5mm shows no significant interval change. There is complete loss of L5-S1 disc height with persistent Modic type 11 degeneration and severe foraminal narrowing and L5 nerve root compression.

The L4-L5 disc pace is further reduced with a annular tear and annular bulge indenting thecal sac. No mass effect on the nerve roots. Annular disc bulge at L2-L3 and L3-L4 indenting thecal sac.

T11-12 posterior disc protrusion indenting the anterior thecal sac.

MRI Spine Cervical
Comparison is made with MRI dated 6/01/2013

Haemangiomata are noted at C2-T1 and T4, T6. The cervical vertebrae are normal in alignment. C6-7 right paracentral disc protrusion indenting the adjacent thecal sac and mild right foraminal narrowing. C7-T1 left parafentral disc-osteophyte complex indenting the adjacent cord with moderate foraminal narrowing causing mass effect on the left C8 nerve root. C2-3 to C5-6 intervertebral discs are within normal limits.

There is T5-8 PLL thickening with foci of calcification and disc bulge effacing the anterior thescal sac and indenting the adjacent cord.

so looking at these results my cervical and thoracic have deteriorated in 18 months from having the MRI in January 13 and another on 12 July 14. I cant find much info on this thickening and calcification of the posterior longitudal ligament in the thoracic spine. i have found some info where it concerns the cervical spine. Is there anybody on here that has this. it would be nice to know how they are doing and if this OPLL which i think what i have is called, can be removed.

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