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Hello and welcome to the board. You said you had an MRI that you paid for yourself, did a physician order that or did you get it of your own accord?

Your MRI indicates definite nerve compression at c4/c5 and narrowing of the nerve space at c5/c6. This could mist definitely cause symptoms like you describe. Since the cause per the report is bulging discs and you didn't mention issues prior its a pretty safe bet these issues are due to the accident.

Being from the states I have no idea how the NHS works, but you need to be seen by a spine specialist to sort this all out and get the proper treatment. The fact that you are having persistent numbness indicates that there is fairly severe ongoing compression as does weakness if you are truly exhibiting clinical weakness and not "weakness" due T not wanting to do things because of the pain. The longer the nerves are compressed the more like that permanent damage could result so I would work on this as soon as possible.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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