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The impression section of the report has good information. Disk bulges at t5/t6, t6/t7, t11/t12 are compressing your spinal cord. At t5 there is an increased t2 signal which is indicative of myelomalacia. The compression on the cord and the myelomalacia can cause symptoms like you are mentioning in segments at or below below those enervated by the affected cord segment. So, I don't think that would explain symptoms in your face. I know with cervical compression you can get referred sensory symptoms in your face but I've not heard that with thoracic issues.

You also have a herniation at l5/s1 that is contacting the s1 nerve root. That may cause sciatica kinds of w if the is impacting the nerve or does so in the future.

The issue with spinal cord compression is that it is difficult to predict the course. Symptoms often progress over a time span that can be many years or much shorter. With true myelomalacia, it can be a sign of cord compromise that may be irreversible. Surgery for these issues tends to be a little more of a crap shoot than surgery for nerve root impingement. Often drs will state the goals of the surgery as stopping the damage and relieving the compression rather than to alleviate symptoms. That said, a pretty good portion of folks do get symptom relief. A small minority actually have worse problems after the surgery.

I would suggest you need to go to a spine specialist for further evaluation and treatment. These specialized Drs are neurosurgeons or ortho surgeons that have specialized training in treating spine issues and have limited their practices to spine issues only.

Good luck and let us know how it goes...

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