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Hi purpleronnie! I was given back exercises in Physical Therapy many many years ago and they have helped numerous people over the years including my husband. The therapist said that they would help muscle spasms, strengthen back and help discs to align. Laying flat on back on bed or floor bend one leg up, knee to chest, and hold it there for a count of ten and lay leg back down straight on bed. Repeat ten times. Next, bend the other leg and do the same then bend both legs up to chest knees bent and hold for 10 seconds and repeat ten times. If I don't have much times I just bend both legs up to chest and hold for about a couple of minutes. It flattens the small of back to bed and stretches and lengthens my muscles. Muscle spasms can cause pain and tingling especially when the muscle spasm pulls a vertebrae over onto a nerve root. I'm glad that the problem you are having is not severe and hope it heals well soon and disappears as suddenly as it appeared!

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