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It's been 5 mos since I was rear ended. Xrays at ER showed nothing worrisome, just straightening of spine. PT was recommended; after 10 wks there was improvement with range of motion. Headaches, soreness, mild pain never goes away. Numb/Tingling/burning in fingers comes and goes. Had MRI, C4-C5 and C5-C6 there are broad-based posterior annular bulge and facet joint hypertrophic changes (C4-C5, particularly on left). And reversal of cervical lordosis. I've taken ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, oral steroids with little improvement. Been seeing Ortho, he says no surgery is needed. Bulges don't see to press on spine so numbness is caused from something else. He didn't seem concerned by headaches, but suggest Botox injections. Referred me to Pain Management Dr for neck injections and neurologist to further investigate numb/tingling sensations. Appts are not until Feb.

The other driver's insurance will not pay for treatment until it is complete and they will then offer settlement. In the meantime, treatment is getting quite expensive and it has offered little help. I've grown tired of the chronic pain. I'm battling depression from not being able to enjoy things I took for granted prior to the accident. Just seeking advice of others in similar shoes. Does this seem like a fair treatment plan? Thanks, in advance.

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