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Sorry I haven't replied in a few days.

I started therapy on Monday 3/2. I'm going 3 times a weeks on M,W & F. My therapist says that its a pinched nerve on my neck based on my symptoms and pain areas. She said a sure giveaway that its a pinched nerve is the fact that the pain, burning, pins and needle, & numbness go from the back of my neck and radiate to the front of my chest, upper back, and down my triceps, elbow, forearm, and hand. All on my right side only.

She gave me some neck strengthening exercises to try at home. Today is day 21 since I woke up feeling like this. I want to say that I'm feeling better, but that but would be a lie. I mean, there's some days I feel better, but overall it's still the same. From a 1-10, 10 being the worst pain, I would say I'm at about a 7-8. Its very uncomfortable to sit straight without slouching. Sleeping is almost impossible as I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep and actually get rest. Just tossing and turning all night.

One thing I am noticing now where I didn't have before is that if I sneeze, it hurts a lot on the front of my chest, only on the right side. Will bring this up to my therapist tomorrow. I'm taking Tramadol, 100mg every 6 hrs or so. But honestly I don't feel much relief. Don't think the Flexeril is doing much either besides making me super drowsy.

My aunt was telling me she had a similar issue a year ago or so. She ended up getting some shots on her back (spine I think) and she said after the second shot she was great and like nothing ever happened to begin with.

Is this something I can benefit from? I'm thinking of going back to my doctor this week. I would like an MRI to have a better diagnosis.

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