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... Hi, Everyone, I had ACDF C6-7 one month ago (donor bone, plates/screws). I also had ACDF C5-6 in 2007. I am now fused C5-7. I was doing REALLY well until about 1 week ago. I don't think I DID anything to injure myself. Here's what it's like now: I wake up feeling absolutely fine (no pain). As the day goes on, I start to get pain on the left side of my neck... (1 replies)
... I was completely fused at 3 months when I had my follow-up x-rays and doctor's appointment. I definitely took vitamins with lots of vitamin D and calcium (no idea if that helped). I'm also not a smoker and fairly young (31) so everything was in my favor for bone growth. Surprising that you don't have bone growth after 6 weeks. However, I did not have x-rays between 2 weeks... (69 replies)
... Birdman, Glad to hear you are feeling so well at your 6 month anniversary for my C6/7 ACDF! How long did it take for you to have some bone growth and / or total fusion. I am 6 week out of ACDF C5-6 C6-7 and so far no bone growth and I still get muscle spasms and pain in the back of my neck between my shoulders. Hope the weather is warm enough for you to be outside and... (69 replies)

... C7 ACDF and knew that now C4 was having some problems but had some symptoms just like before the ACDF. ... (5 replies)
... Sammy thank you so much for responding to my thread. It does sound like we may both have similar problems and I definitely think it sounds nerve related. This last surgery I had was C6/C7. I actually had the C4/C5 & C5/C6 done first and then next was C3/C4 and then the last one C6/C7. I had an EMG done about 3 years ago and at that time I was told I had the ulnar nerve pinched... (5 replies)
... About 18 months after the ACDF I had severe symptoms return. The MRI showed stenosis and I had a C5 and C6 posterior foraminotomy. Going in the surgeon said the MRI showed mild stenosis. ... (8 replies)
... Post operative changes seen at C5 and C6. ... (6 replies)
... Hello- I'm a newbie. I'll be having a two level ACDF next week (C5-C6, C6-C7). My surgeon has already performed three successful lumbar surgeries on me, so I trust her implicitly. However, when we discussed my ACDF surgery, I asked about wearing a collar post-surgery. She said that she typically doesn't have her patients wear them, but after reading the posts here, it... (13 replies)
... Hi, Everyone, I had ACDF on c5-6 a year ago. I had been relatively good for a while (played tennis, sports). Then, I had an MRI 6 mos after surgery which revealed that C4-5 and C6-7 had small herniations. The neurosurgeon said he would not operate, just give it time to heal. It got better, but recently I have pain in the upper center of my back (below C5-6), maybe... (4 replies)
... Hi. I had acdf 3 fusion (my own hip bone removed), July 18 2007, philly type rigid collar on 24/7 July to Sept, off to shower and on again until next shower until Dec 4 . Four and a half months no one can understand what that is like unless they have done it . It effects Every aspect of your life. Go out don't stay in walk as much as you can. But listen to your body and rest... (10 replies)
... k not being in pain anymore, I began my master's degree and will finish this coming fall. Before the original surgery, I could never have done any of this. My ACDF made a very positive change in my life. I am glad that I did it and had a great surgeon and medical team all the way. ... (5 replies)
... Hi there, Well i had a acdf C 4-5 and C 5-6 just like you, except i have titanium cages put in place and filled with Demineralized Bone Matrix. I had my surgery April 5th. I still have alot of pain!!!! Most days i ask myself why i had the surgery. Anyways, after my surgery i only had to wear a soft collar for about 6 weeks. When i went back for my one week post op checkup i... (10 replies)
... :cool: I am almost 10 weeks post op from ACDF w/plating at the C6-C7 level. As many of you know this was my second fusion surgery. I had already had C5-C6 removed 8 years ago. I returned to work on April 5 and I have had some discomfort since then but nothing major. I think I just need to get a desk which is a little more ergonomic. For all of those who are facing this... (7 replies)
... I went thru the same thing with my first surgery. I just had another ACDF done on C4/C5 this time and it is much worse this time. Just take it easy with the pill swallowing. Try removing your collar and taking your medicine then. ------------------ Cheryl ACDF C5/C6 in 10/02 w/plating & screws Used own hip bone. Severe cord compresssion w/myelopathy. ACDF C4C5... (3 replies)
... Hi to all, acdf 10/2002, c5-6-7 never had any bone spurs prior to surgery, now i have spurring at c6-7 which is where my fusion was done causing spinal stenosis. Neurosurgeon results were to have a posterior foraminotomy done.scheduled for june. Also have c4-5 bulge causing stenosis but surgeon does not feel it warrants surgery.if anone reading this has had this surgery,... (1 replies)
... Hi, I agree with the previous posts. Most of people with success stories are not posting on the message boards.I had ACDF C5/C6 & C6/C7 with plate. I did a lot of research month before and I too found lots of horror stories. I was nervous about having the operation until I found this message board. I posted my positive results weeks after the my operation. Go read my... (10 replies)
... thank you for your reply, denise. i really get a lot out of hearing how well you are doing only 3 weeks past your ACDF. it buoys my hopes, for sure. i actually spoke with my physical therapist for a while yesterday about the difference in the two surgery options and she was able to help me understand a little more about the risks vs. the benefits of each. i know she's... (14 replies)
... Hi, I thought it would be interesting to see what people's activity levels are after ACDF. I had ACDF C5-6 1.5 years ago. Since then, I tried to play tennis but now have small herniations at C4-5 and C6-7. I did have some pain, but now am doing well. This summer, I decided to start some light weight training and cardio. For about 3 months, I have been... (1 replies)
2 Weeks until ACDF
Feb 10, 2015
... So nervous and so energized to get this done. I'm having ACDF at c5-c6, c6-c7. I've been reading as much as I can what to expect, and helpful advice on what I need to stock up on to make things as easy as possible. The sticky at the top of this board has been great reference - check it out if you are preparing for surgery. I've been cooking extra servings of dinner and... (8 replies)
... I felt that my neck was similar after ACDF C5-6 C6-7. It was due to excessive swelling and I had to take steroids to decrease the swelling which helped. THe swelling is a side affect of the surgery and all of the instruments being in the area and working. Check and ask if there was excessive swelling? It helped me. It was day 4 or 5 after the surgery that I was finally... (11 replies)

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