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... Hi, I think everyone's outcome is different, but for the most part pain should subside after surgery. Numbness/tingling and nerve issues may or may not resolve. For me, I am 4 months post-surg and my pain definitely is gone, except for some aching at times and a heavy feeling. I don't take any pain meds. The numbness/tingling in my left hand has somewhat improved, but... (6 replies)
... I just wanted to offer an update on the case of the human tuning fork one year after my surgery which resulted from a herniated disk c5-c6 that caused severe spinal cord compression....As the veterans among you know the surgery does nothing to resolve neurological issues caused by the cord folks like me wake up with the same numbness they had prior to the... (8 replies)
... Hi Smiley. I am 13 months post 2 level ACDF- C5-7. I was out of work for 3 months, went back for 3 months, then took off another 2 months before going to a part time job. I can not do my "real" job, because it involves lifting too much weight. My second level is still not completely fused. I did 14 weeks of PT (only once a week because my therapist was "too busy"). It... (5 replies)

... Smiley, I had ACDF C5-C7 on Jan. 10th, which sounds like right when you had yours. My spasms are a nightmare. For the last 5 yrs, all i keep hearing from the professionals is "God, you are sooooooooooooo tight". Gee thanks. Now fix it!!!!!!! I started P.T. last Friday (for the 10th time in 5 yrs). I went to my 2nd post op and they said I was so tight, I really needed the P.T.... (5 replies)
... Smiley we have a LOT in common.. I am an OT (or I was, dont know if I will or can go back) I am a hand therapist so I don't lift people like when I used to work in skilled nsg or rehab but as a hand therapist you constantly are using your hands at near full strength gripping and pinching.. had a Mva 2 and half years ago rear ended with the kid going around 50 mph.. gradually... (5 replies)
... Now it is both sides of the neck and down into both shoulder blades. I had same problem about a year ago and was told it was my shoulder also. I am scheduled for ACDF c5,C6,C7 at the end of the month. Doctor told me that the nerve is pinched and both sides will hurt. This all started again about 45 days ago. ... (80 replies)
... On the bright side Mike.....I had C5-C6 disc replaced with donor bone and a plate put in on Feb 10 at 2pm. At 7:30pm I walked out of the hospital with no neck, shoulder or arm pain for the first time in 3 years. My throat was the only pain I had, and it still feels like a lump in there, but not bad at all. I'm no spring chicken, I'm 64, but I've been doing things since 2... (9 replies)
... I, too, have a physical job (I'm a field engineer) and have worried about the long-term effect (I'm 46 years old and need to squeeze out another 13.5 years or so of work). Everything I've read looks fairly promising for a one-level fusion. Like you, I've also had a C5-C6 fusion with plating. I had the surgery a little over 5 weeks ago and will return to work in 3 more... (9 replies)
... Yes, I had some burning sensation. It must be the damaged nerves. I am 4 wks post op ACDF C5-C6. I saw my doctor yesterday and he mentioned it can take the nerves up to 6 months to heal after surgery. Hope you feel better!! (23 replies)
... It is Nero. Let me begin by saying that I think you misunderstood something I wrote or mixed up my name. I have had ACDF c5 6 with plate and own bone. I never had a failed fusion and am currently 3 months post op and doing well. ... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am new to healthboards but I have gotten a lot of reading posts over the past couple of weeks. I have a question for people who have had their symptoms return after surgery. Basically, if 4 ESI's haven't helped, what about facet injections? to get there, I need to give my history. My situation: I am 33 years old and trying to practice law but experiencing... (2 replies)
... I am so thankful that I found this message board! To give a brief (ish) history, I have had neck fatigue and pain leading to daily headaches for 10+ years. Have been in 5 car accidents - (2 being pretty serious, 3 were fender benders). First one in 1978 - I was only 18, got thrown around a lot in the inside of the car and pretty much walked away unscathed from a serious... (3 replies)
... Hi, Spine, Thanks for the reply. Wow, you (and others on this board) have had a lot of problems --how are you doing now? How was your multi-level ACDF? What are your current problems w C4 and C6 is loose (even though fused)? I am in my late 30s, so I worry about having to have one surgery after another at my age. I am not sure whether to try to avoid surgery with... (5 replies)
... symptoms because the nerve impingement is coming from the brachial plexus area. One doctor said i had this thoracic outlet all along, and that i never needed the ACDF surgery, and that the back surgery made my thoracic outlet condition worse. ... (8 replies)
... I was a passenger in a severe car accident about 5 months ago, which I thought I was going to fully recover from without any issue. Last month, I bent down and felt something pop in my neck and immediately felt like there was a knife in the back of my neck. The pain was excruciating and sharp in the base of my neck and through my right shoulder blade area. I could barely... (16 replies)
... Hi Maw Maw, I had ACDF on C5-6 and C6-7 last June. I was out of work for 8 weeks and in the collar for 4 months. The total time for fusion to complete is about a year. From 6 months on it is just weight lifting restriction (I was on 25lbs at 6 months). You will feel better in about 2-3 weeks, but about 6 weeks is when you feel about normal. The first week or two is a... (22 replies)
... Hi, Here are my new MRI results. I went to the ER yesterday because of new excruciating pain. I had ACDF C6-7 (1/11) and ACDF C5-6 (2007). I'm going to paraphrase: C3-4 - minimal diffuse disc osteophyte with minimal right-sided foraminal narrowing. No spinal canal narrowing. C4-5 - Mild left greater than right broad-based disc bulge which abuts and deforms the... (1 replies)
... Hi, Everyone, I am 3 years post ACDF C5-6 (donor bone). My last MRI was almost 3 years ago (6mos after surg). I've been having some more numbness in my hand and possibly my foot and weakness. Some pain in my neck, spasms -- not terrible, but nagging. I decided to go back to the doctor and here are my new MRI results: C4-5there is a mild disc ridge complex which... (5 replies)
... Hi, Would like to hear from anyone that has had a acdf c5-6-7 revision surgery. I am scheduled for this next month along with a new acdf c4-5- and possible ??? at c3-4. Any information will be welcomed. I am scared out of my face. Lori laminectomy L4-5 2001 ACDF C5-6-7 2002 POST. LAMI-FORAMINOTOMY-CORPECTOMY C6-7 2003 (4 replies)
... evaluate, but i don't know how much longer i can go on like this. on one hand, i am absolutely, positively terrified to have ACDF surgery, but on the other hand, i can't continue this way. ... (11 replies)

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