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... I rec'd my diagnosis from an MRI yesterday. My diagnosis is in my sig below. I have had excruciating pain but don't know exactly which problem it is from. Both my PT & my doc finds the bulging disc a very serious problem. We are now seeking a neuro in the OKC or Dallas area immediately. Surgery is imminent as I have been in PT since May and had an injection in April. The... (11 replies)
... OK, GC, I looked at those MRI's. I hope you don't mind some guy in Colorado peering inside your neck! To reiterate, I am very much an amateur, just trying to apply eyesight and common sense. The cord-compression problems are not hard to read, but how they can see problems in the foramina is beyond me. I can't tell a thing. Looking at your pre-op pics, I'm actually a... (9 replies)
... and I have to say that the ACDF was one of the least painful procedures I ever had in terms of "surgical pain". I woke up from the ACDF with a tremendous relief of my nerve pain down the arm and the incision wasn't bad at all. ... (23 replies)

... I did the ESI's and they did work for 18 months. Had they continued to work I would have done them for the rest of my life. Once they stopped working I had the ACDF done. ... (2 replies)
... Below is a study showing fusion rates in a published study: ACDF With Allograft & Anterior Plating: A Report on 134 Patients/272 levels with 2 yr follow up David F Antezana, MD Baltimore MD Randy F Davis, MD Glen Burnie MD (e - Medtronic) Arthur W Poetscher, MD Baltimore MD John Yingling, MD Baltimore MD John Awad, MD Baltimore MD Michael Schlosser, MD... (2 replies)
... Hi everybody! Well, this was a weird day. When I went to the surgeon's office I was told that since I'm seeing him Monday, that the appointment with the physician's assistant was cancelled. They couldn't have told me that before? So I asked for the copy of the MRI report, and the receptionist asked if the doc had gone over it with me yet. When I said no, she wasn't... (3 replies)
... I completely understand what you are going through. I have broadbased stenosis myself. It is mild at levels above 3, moderate to severe at levels 4-6 and mild again at c7. Congential for me. I am 46 and also had collapsed, bulged disk at c5, a herniation with a fragment floating and forminal problems at the nerve roots in C5-6 and causing misalignment (spondy..) . Lots of... (13 replies)
... Kolt ~ A couch potato NO! I don't believe for one minute you will become a couch potato. If there is no other problems at any other level and you have screws and plate you should be fine to do almost every thing you did before. Take caution though. I say this because it is common "once fused, there will be more." Now this depends mostly on if you have problem discs... (4 replies)
... Hello, sorry you are having a difficult time. I had a 3 level ACDF (C4-C7) in 2009 in Windsor and within 4-5 months C3/4 herniated, I was also referred to Dr Pearce in Windsor as I do have the feeling at times that my equialibrium is off and I get dizzy but I do not fall, he dx me with TOS. I have read other posts here and when you do not feel pain and you have compression on... (15 replies)
... Pre-ACDF surgery: After being on pain meds for over 3 years because I couldn't get an MRI to solve my pain in neck, I still get angered over the response I received when I went into ER with a herniated disc that led to bone spur break that blocked my nerve. Extreme pain radiated down my arm and it was unbearable. Solution: ACDF on c5-6 & c6-7, done on 11/29/10. 11/29:... (4 replies)
... Hello, I have a bunch of spine issues, but my pain management doc asked me to at least have a consulatation with at least one surgeon regarding the massive herniation at C5/C6 I have. I also have some cervical stenosis, but of course I can't find my reports at the moment. Anyway, he's most concerned about the herniation that impinges my cord. He gave me referrals for two... (12 replies)
... to cause the abscesses. The surgeon who assisted him is convinced the only way I will ever get well is to have the hardware removed. I would never have had the ACDF if I would have known this was a possibility. ... (16 replies)
... I have had 2 ACDF's and my third one will be this week. My first one worked out well, no pain or suffering. It was amazing but I was later rear ended by someone while at a dead stop which broke some hardware and caused permanent soft tissue and nerve damage. New herniation's grew and was fused again. That fusion didn't heal. I am 70% healed and the surgery was almost 2... (7 replies)
Hurts to sit
Jan 8, 2010
... C7. I am so glad I did as it relived my pain that was radiating down my left arm. Nerve pain, I describe as "searing", and ACDF can relieve that. ... (4 replies)
... Hey, everyone. Wanted to give an update on what has been happening along with my questions. I did start PT and just had my 6th visit. At PT they put me on heat, did some manual traction and muscle work. Then did traction on the machine. I was worse after the first traction session. Next visit the PT did traction manually and discovered I needed my head tilted a certain... (8 replies)
Neck Problems
Apr 14, 2009
... I told my wife that I think I remember when I was at my 4 week checkup after my ACDF that the plate was straight up and down. The disc plugs are not white like I think they should be they are dark. ... (0 replies)
... left with intraforminal extension. She continues with a left c6 dermatomal sensory loss and severe pain in the left pectoral region and upper extremity. She has now failed a long and adequate course of medical treatment. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Roy15, I'm new as far as posting goes but have been dealing with this since at least 2002 and in reality I think I had an episode in 1999 related to this. You can read my post if you haven't but they are really long, sorry, lots of details. Bottom line with me is I have had three NS opinions here in Nashville. One and two said if the flareup calms down managing... (24 replies)
... Pleased to meet you, all though I wish it didn't have to be under circumstances of chronic, agonizing pain, lol... I wanted to share my history and MRI and future ACDF. I'm an almost 52 year old female that has experienced 25 years of neck and shoulder pain from being kicked up under my chin by a 200 lb biker. Wrong place at the wrong time. Where do you start with 25... (15 replies)
... I posted a few weeks ago regarding ACD WITHOUT FUSION... I have since been convinced- begrudgingly so- by 3 different doctors who perform minimally invasive surgeries- that my condition is too advanced for that type of procedure to work, and that a two level ACDF at C5-6 and C6-7 is really my only option, short of living with the pain. So- I am calling on all who have... (19 replies)

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