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... You may have heard of ACDF, which is the same thing without the corpectomy. The surgery is much like the ACDF where the two disks above and below the affected vertebra are removed. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Blma,I only had the one fusion c6-7,but also have problems w/c5-6,Ihave been having alot more pain issues,only on the left side not right this time,starts in the base of the thumb, palm of hand,and shoulder where it settles in ,not near(knock on wood) as bad as c6-7,seems it has more w/ me bracing my shoulders, I drive school bus and all my roads are torn up right now ,so I... (16 replies)
... done anterior it wasn't too bad but I did have a corpectomy at C5 with a plate and 4 screws. ... (28 replies)

... Hi dennisgb, I am similar in diagnosis bulging C5-6 and C6-7 sched. 6/30 for ACDF and foraminotomy with bicortical allograft bone plugs (donor) without plate/screw fixation planned although I am skeptical but NS will make the call at the time of OR. (Everybody I have talked to has plate/screw but we'll see; I trust my NS and have worked with him, seen his outcomes over a... (9 replies)
... Well, I am back home after my second ACDF. Last July I had a C5-6 and C6-7 ACDF and I have just finished my C4-5. Hopefully this will fix me up now as MRI's show no more abnormalities. We did know last year that this one was bad but it had worsened considerably in the past two months and had torn causing almost complete numbness of my left arm. Looking forward to these nerves... (0 replies)
... level with right and left paracentral components with associated cervical cord flattening and compression also demise of th right and left c5 exiting nerve roots from the disc herniation is possible." I am going to the same ortho as I did the first time but this time he is involving an ENT. ... (1 replies)
Home after ACDF
Mar 14, 2004
... After my surgery my right arm was much weaker and the numbness in my finger was worse as well. Give it a little time and it should improve. It takes a week or two for the swelling to start settling down. Keep posting your progress and take it easy. Susan ACDF/fusion C5-6 1996 ACDF/fusion and plating C6-7 2/4/04 (36 replies)
... Hello all! Newbie here with a post-ACDF question. Just had surgery 9/8/03-C6-C7 ACDF w/donor bone and plate. I would say that I'm doing very well considering what my body has been through. (Also have herniations of C4-5 & C5-6 which were not touched due to the fact that they were not responsible for my symptoms) Aside from the "pill in my throat" and incision discomfort,... (3 replies)
... Hi, Sorry to hear about your pain. I also have stenosis at c4-5 and c6-7. I am having surgery June 4, c4-5 will not be touched because the stenosis is from a bulging disc which potentially causes no immediate threat. The c6-7 STENOSIS is caused by bone spurs and is the site where my fusion was done in october. Stenosis can cause pain from neck to toes. All depending where... (7 replies)
... Hi to all. Please also note that anyone with metal/titanium or any implant in the cervical or lumbar spine areas should have a myelogram. MRI'S AND CAT SCAN'S do not always pick up stenosis, herniate disc's etc. The metals cause shadowing which can result in false/positive results. I am living proof!!! Had MRI and CAT SCAN and they only showed bulging disc c4-5. Had... (13 replies)
... I went to see an orthopedic spine surgeon who agreed with my neurosurgeon that I need surgery. He originally wanted to do a C3 - C4 ACDF. But I asked him about the C5 - C6 area on the MRI (taking advice from chuckstr to ask) as it looked compressed on the sagittal image. He said it might be a good idea to do that area also. If he did this he would do a posterior cervical... (11 replies)
... little in describing the problems at the next two levels up. I'd really want a good understanding of all that, because I now suspect that a surgeon suggesting an ACDF will want to do multiple levels. ... (3 replies)
Terrible pain
Dec 12, 2012
... Hello Everyone This cold weather is give me problems. Well I guess its the weather. It got really cold 2 days ago and both feet ankle down hurt to move. The right side of my body hurt even to be touched. My right wrist and hand hurt like my feet did. Then last night I woke up with terrible pain behind my left shoulder blade. This is new because my pain is normally on the... (0 replies)
O.k. now what?
Jan 31, 2012
... o.k. so I am 3 weeks post-op for the ACDF c6-c7. My left arm and hand feel a lot better. I don't have the pain all the way down into my left hand anymore. But, I have terrible pain in my neck, and bilateral deltoid pain. The neurosurgeon was only allowed to fix half of my problem. The insurance co. told him they would only approve one level and not two. My question is,... (2 replies)
... to see how bad the nerve is affected. If it shows that the nerve is in danger of dying, then you would be in need of surgery......most likely an ACDF of C6 and 7. Lots of info on that surgery in the top posts on the board. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. ... (2 replies)
... If I go through with it, I have a date set of December 21st for an ACDF Level 5 through 7. It will be peformed by a neurosurgeon who is affiliated with Mt. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I really feel your pain because I have the same thing. I had C6 and C7 anterior discectomy and fusion about six weeks ago. I have been in unbelievable NEW pain since then... particularly in my scapula and trapezius. ... (8 replies)
... dear marcia, my word! what an incredible response you crafted for me. you're amazing and i thank you so very much. the biggest problem in my spine is that there is an anterior c5-c6 disc herniation causing a 2.5mm indentation in the cord. the MRI states that there is a linear hyperintense signal from c6-t1 which is caused by a syringohydromyelia resulting in a 2mm... (14 replies)
... Jennybyc....Where have you been...I have been waiting and waiting for you to answer me. I tried on another board to find you and am so glad that you found me. I went to my orthopaedic surgeon today and just got back about 1/2hr ago. I am sooo upset I don't know what to do!!!! I went by myself which was a big mistake because know nobody will believe what the doctor told me. ... (22 replies)
... spine doctor referred me to a NS in July who said that I was a candidate for a 1 level ACDF with titanium plate and cadaver bone graft. ... (26 replies)

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