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C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 10, 2010
... Thanks neuroguy. I'm on the waitlist for a c5/6 and c6/7 ACDF and I'm really hoping those are the only problems. Those are enough for me, thanks. The MRI shows c8 and T1 as normal. I'll talk to the surgeon about the elbow when I see him next. (10 replies)
... him. Anyway, vision is getting worse again. Had my eyes tested on Nov 5, and they are healthy according to dr. Saw the surgeon on Nov 12 and I will be having ACDF on my neck in February. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, I havenít posted for quite a while, but I feel like I am going nuts again! I have had an ACDF C5-6 Sept. 2006, and another one 9 mos. later, because the disc below was flattening my spinal cord, so they took out C6-7 on May 2007. Iíve had nothing but pain, and more pain. I have now been in pain for the last 6 years, and Iím sick and tired of being sick and... (4 replies)

Disc fusion
Sep 9, 2008
... A ACDF or something else? ... (4 replies)
... I had a posterior cervical foraminotomy 6 weeks ago (5/20). It was done on the left side, C5-C6 and C6-C7. My pre-op symptoms were pain down the left arm to my thumb and pointer finger and numbness/tingling in the fingers. (This after an ACDF 2 years ago that worked well, but the symptoms re-appeared about 6 months ago). I definetly had a pulling feeling - felt like if I... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone- I wrote a few weeks ago asking about spinal collars for my 2 level ACDF. I had my surgery on April 24 and it was somewhat successful. My surgeon was only able to fuse C5-C6. She said that when she tried to do the C6-C7, she couldn't find retractors long enough to get there. She said that it was too deep in my neck?? Okay. Now, we're talking about... (4 replies)
... Hi Erin I have had one ACDF surgery 2 level c5/c6 c6/ c7. Had it done late Oct 06, just was told a few weeks ago I am fused, But this was after NS ckd 4th set of x rays. It was very apparant something was VERY wrong with my voice immediately after surgery. I am a sales manager and do one on one and group presentations. I also did voice overs prior to surgery for tv and... (41 replies)
... I had ACDF of C6/7 with donor bone and plate three weeks ago. I was diagnosed with a severe rupture of C6/7 and herniation and bone spur of C5/6 in mid-January. I was in pretty bad pain at that time, but the pain subsequently subsided. I was experiencing extreme weakness of the left tricep, pressure in the left shoulder and elbow, and extreme numbness of the forefinger and... (7 replies)
... I think what you are referring to is a DISKECTOMY. That is where they take the whole disk out and either put in an artificial disk or add some type of bone and fuse the levels together. (more common). I am in fact having this in Jan. at C5-6 and C6-7. I have the numbness too, in my hands at night, especially. I have heard on here that the longer you have nerve damage, the... (17 replies)
... Hi...I also have had a lot of pain along my shoulder blade exactly where you describe it. My physical therapist couldn't find any muscle knots there, so she felt it was referred nerve pain from my neck. I remember reading somewhere that this is a common area for referred pain from the c6 nerve root (my disc and spurring problems were at C5, C6, C7). My MRI sounded very... (20 replies)
... Hi BackintheSaddle, Just came in from the rain and saw your post. I'm no expert but I've been thru this. Essentially what it's telling you is that you have a growth (larger/wider than a spur) growing inward from the edge of your spinal canal. The growth "flattens a bit, dips under the disk and than impinges slighly on the sac that surrounds your spinal cord. The term... (19 replies)
... Hi Az, I know what you are going thru. Been there. The other respondents to your posting covered a good bit of ground. I can give you a bit of the down side. I was fused with donor bone c6/7 in 1989. Within a year C5/6 which had been damaged just refused to heal. likely because of the additional stress on them from the fusion below. That is a common experience.... (4 replies)
... My question is...has anyone experienced this popping and cracking after acdf surgery? ... (5 replies)
Mar 24, 2005
... C7 ACDF. This took place on August of this year. I also had a Nerve Block on the C6 and the C7 area. I am now at this stage with the NS and the ORTHO telling me I need the Myelogram. My other option depending is the Nerve Stimulator. ... (11 replies)
... c7 ACDF surgery. ... (4 replies)
ACDF Hospital Stay
Jan 13, 2004
... Hi Irish, Since we last wrote via the boards, I've had a dozen visits with the acupuncturist.. neck pain has diminished about 50%.. just enough to get me off of the heavy pain pills and back on a max dosage of Advil daily. But mechanically, I still have the problem. The pain is too bad to go back to work. Had a visit with a NS about the time we last wrote, but he wasn't... (22 replies)
... Hello Snoshewz, I haven't had the surgery yet (C5-6 herniated disc) so can't offer advise on that but as far as the is the ONLY way to stop smoking. I am 4 years smoke free and didn't even want to stop. He can work with you over the phone.. Godd luck, Rolex :D (3 replies)
... I just had ACDF with own bone and plate as at November 10 for c5 c6 level. ... (9 replies)
Too Soon ?
Nov 30, 2003
... Well, I went back to my Ortho and he has recommended I have surgery (ACDF). He pulled me from PT because according to him and the therapist I should have had releif from the pain & the pins and needles. I feel like the pain is not as intense as before....but I'm also taking stronger pain meds. The pins and needles feeling is the same. The rupture is causing my spinal canal to... (5 replies)
... I had ACDF with own hip bone and plate. I am 6 weeks post op. I started back full time on today. I am in outside sales.. so I do a lot of driving for my job. ... (8 replies)

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