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ACDF On Thursday
Oct 20, 2003
... I had ACDF with own hip bone and plate. I am 6 weeks post op. I started back full time on today. I am in outside sales.. so I do a lot of driving for my job. ... (21 replies)
... I had ACDF with own hip bone and plate. I am 6 weeks post op. I start back full time on Monday. I am in outside sales.. so I do a lot of driving for my job also. ... (8 replies)
... Hi! I had two level ACDF own hip bone C5-C6 & C6-C7 Sept 4, 2003. As a type A personallity I am chomping at the bit to go back to work. Doc is concerned about me moving my head too much so for week 4 he has allowed me to start telecommuting part time. (I am in outside sales and can log into the office server from home) He only agreed to this because I modified my... (12 replies)

... I just had ACDF surgery with own hip bone a 10 days ago (C5-C6 & C6-C7). So far I am very pleased. I had severe pain in arm, shoulder, elbow, and wrist along with numbness in hand, forearm.. sometimes only thumb, index, & middle finger prior to surgery. I was very lucky that I did not have significant spinal cord compression. All the previous pain is gone. If I could... (10 replies)
... Babs - I had ACDF metal plate and own bone C5-C6 & C6-C7 this past thursday. I stayed in the hospital until Friday evening...aboiut 30 hours total. I was sent home with a soft collar and told by doc I really didn't need it that the collar was just for times when I felt like I needed to stablize my head/neck. That the metal plate really does all the work. I was told no... (24 replies)
... Usanda.....Do you have titanium plate??? If you do you CAN have and MRI. It is completely safe. I have had many. I also had acdf c5-6-7 in October 2002, By March 2003 I had stenosis at c4-5 and c6-7. I thought I would be fixed by then. Guess not.........I had another surgery in June 2003 to remove bone spurs at c6-7 and NS couldn't get it all out. SO again I am in pain.... (4 replies)
... Hi Airedale, Welcome aboard!! I also had bone spurs at c6-7. I had surgery on 6/4/2003 to correct the problem. First thing you should do is ( as Midge mentioned) is to have an EMG to see if there is nerve damage. You should also see if you have spinal stenosis from the spurs. It can be very dangerous if left untreated. I hope we can all give you some info. to help... (5 replies)
... I don't want permenant nerve damage, but I sure don't want to look like a fool agreeing to an ACDF when I'm not feeling all that bad. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I am post-op cervical laminectomy/formainotomy c6-7 and have an infection. I was given cipro on Wed. 1000mg per day. Approx. how many days will I see a difference in the wound color etc. ??? It has been 4 days and looks the same. Thanks Lori laminectomy L4-5 acdf c5-6-7 post. laminectomy c6-7 6/4/2003 (6 replies)
Hi I am new here
Jun 13, 2003
... Hi, and welcome to the boards. I am in the recovery stage of a posterior laminectomy and formainotomy c6-7 due to cervical stenosis and bone spurs Recovery period depends on the idividual but usually around 2-3 weeks. It is painful due to all the muscles in that area. Unfortunatley I have developed an infection at the incision site so my pain is very intense. I wish you... (8 replies)
... bone spurs ah................. they drill/shave them off. I just had it done 6/4/2003 on c6-7. It is a painful recovery. Not sure about the tears. Good luck lori laminectomy l4-5 2001 acdf c5-6-7 10/2002 posterior laminectomy/foraminotomy c6-7 6/4/2003 (4 replies)
... Hi Methos, I had a similar problem, 4 ruptured disks, C3-7. I had problems with my arms and shoulders. The pain in both arms and shoulders were not too bad. I had some numbness and itching feelings on both pinky fingers and the area close to them. I also had some twitching on both pinky fingers and both arms and shoulders. I did not have apparent weakness, but my right... (9 replies)
Just burning now
Jan 14, 2003
... Hi Sherry, I'm 9 months post from ACDF, they went thru the front of the throat, removed 2 herniated disks at levels C5/C6 and C6/C7, implanted donor bone and fused everthing with a titanium plate and 6 screws. I was only in the hospital overnight and out of work for 2 weeks. I have an office job. The surgery is not that bad, the first day or so is a little uncomforatble and... (12 replies)
EMG Test
Aug 28, 2002
... C7. I had ACDF with plate on April 23rd. I'm doing great now. All the pain is gone and I still have some numbness in my left fingers. It comes and goes. ... (5 replies)
... C7 and I was in extreme pain. I know what you are going thru. I had ACDF almost 9 weeks ago and I feel great now. Please don't let him bother you. Go find a better Dr, based on how you described him, I wouldn't go back to him. ... (23 replies)
C6-7 radiculopathy
Jan 10, 2002
... I am eight weeks post op for ACDF at C4-5 and C5-6. I have developed radiculopathy at C6-7 and am being referred back to my neurosurgeon for consult by my referring orthopedist, who told me that the next level radiculopathy is common after a multi-level fusion. Have others found this to be so? What is your experience? What am I facing? I am 57 years old and have not... (4 replies)
... I am having my second ACDF 9/15 C5/6/ C6/7 My first went very well, I was in at 6am and out at 5 pm. I have a very good ortho surgeon, who I WOULD LET REMOVE MY BRAIN AND PUT IT BACK! I am not a normal patient, I believe in playing hard and usually after surgery I continue to do things some people would wait months to do. All the people who have this surgery are different and... (2 replies)
... For several years I had pain in my neck that would not go away for any length of time. I work with computers at work so when my right shoulder began really hurting when I would reach over my head to pull down something off a shelf I figured I strained something, Then my right arm would go numb then tingly down to my fingertips. I had x-rays and MRIs of my spine, my arm,... (0 replies)
... No pain No surgery imho you can work on your weakness Try this Heat & Ice 6 times a day Get some Capsaicin Cream use twice a day (8 replies)
... NS recommended 3 level ACDF based on my MRI findings, but I am torn whether to go for the surgery or not. I do not have any pain in my neck or in my arms. ... (8 replies)

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