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... I am five years past acdf c5 6 and live with bulging c6 7. I am having suddenly these past 6 months trouble swallowing enough to drive me insane. ... (5 replies)
... Had an ACDF at C5/6 three yrs. ago, plate/screws/and spacer,....far lateral herniation...had neck/shoulder/upper/forearm/thumb and other pains.... The small muscles in my right hand had atrophy and I do have residual weakness on the right arm/hand. BUT, having this done was the best thing for me. The surgery was not too much fun....your throat does be prepared... (6 replies)
... HTF, Thank you for the update; I appreciate the perspective and encouragement. I am at 3 months post-op ACDF, C6-7, cord compression. I deal with lots of neuro issues every day. Some are slightly, slightly improved, most are just about the same. I am trying to look a week or more at a time for comparison, if I compare day to day I get VERY discouraged. My symptoms... (8 replies)

... :wave: Hi,Lisa! Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. I had ACDF C5-C6 Jan 11th and the beginning is surely the hardest. So hang in there. Are you taking anything to combat the nausea/vomiting? Have you tried popsicles? I lived on jello, popsicles, italian ice the first week or so. I also dropped weight too. It will get better with time. As far as the fusion goes,... (1 replies)
... :wave: Good luck with your recovery! I am 7 wks post-op ACDF C5-C6. I was told no Ibuprofen because it delays bone healing. So it's amazing how all the doctors are all different. Do you see a neurosurgeon or ortho? Everyone's recovery also seems to be different. I am a nurse so it will be quite awhile until I can go back to work. So to me it seems like a slow recovery but I am... (9 replies)
... Hello...I'm about a week ahead of you; had my C5-7 ACDF Aug. 7. I have a Miami J collar to wear all the time, with the Philly for showering. My doctor did say I could lay on my side, but since you only have a soft collar at night, I would recommend you have plenty of pillows to keep your head from tipping sideways, or forward/backward. A lot of people sleep in recliners the... (5 replies)
... I've met a few others who had ACDF surgry in the past. Some golf, some play basketball, swim, canoe, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the suggestions! I am no longer wearing the collar (as per the doctor) due to the fact that I am starting to fuse. He felt that it is no longer necessary... Perhaps I am far enough along that I do not need the additional support of the collar? Dunno. Unfortunately, he was not very specific about the quality / amount of fusing. I'm still pressing for... (258 replies)
... Hi, I had ACDF C5-6 and C6-7 in June of 2004. It seems that your problems are a bit worse than normal (based on your descriptions). I would keep on top of things as you progress. The two things you mentioned spasms and the collar, should be considered. First, muscle spasms are common in this surgery, because your body "protects" the area of "injury". Your body is... (258 replies)
... and a lot of numbness in my left arm and face... I also had the classic symptoms of thumb and index finger numbness. It was also confirmed on an EMG that I had C6 nerve damage. ... (258 replies)
... c7 so he wants to do the acdf now but we are still waiting till the workmens comp hearing for approval i go on tuesday so croos your fingers for me!! ... (80 replies)
... Ron Sorry your surgery is so far down the road--that sucks! I had ACDF back in Jan on C5-C6 with my own bone and plates and screws. My work allowed me six weeks off to recover. To be honest I really didn't need that long. I felt much better after about two weeks. I will emphasize however, that everyone is different and recovery time can certainly vary. Good luck to you... (80 replies)
... Hello all! I haven't posted in many months. Had the ACDF C5-6, C6-7 in May 2002. My question is who is having further intense pain below the last vertebrae in the titanium cage? I know that this is a possible problem but it has gotten consistently worse over the years - so much so that I can't lean back in the recliner nor sleep with much success. Yes, I know that I need to... (2 replies)
... Hi there - I had ACDF at C5-C6 just a few days before you did. In my case, I had the "not numb but less sensitive" feeling before surgery in my feet/toes and fingers. I opted for surgery not because of pain but rather because of some ugly looking bone spurs pressing on my spinal cord. My NS explained that pressure on the spinal cord can manifest itself in a lot of different... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone... I had an ACDF on C5-C6 three weeks and one day ago. The twitching and muscle spasms have really slowed down, and the pain has also decreased. However, I'm very worried because the whole left side of my body feels less sensitive than the other side. I know this sounds weird, but that's the best way that I can describe it. It's not numb because I can still... (3 replies)
... Hi there, I have to agree with the rest of them, you need to give it time, I was also all freaked out after two weeks and in horrible pain, I am now 4 weeks post-op and still numb from chin to suture line(6" half around my neck), I had an ACDF c6-c7 (2nd fusion after 4 years). I also was post-op diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis, bone spurs, and will need... (10 replies)
... I have had an acdf c5-6 and have alot of burning sensations in my shoulders across my back. I am on meds for it, and it has been 2 months, but still no improvement. Anyone else had this burning sensation after acdf? (23 replies)
... I had ACDF of C5-C6 with donor bone and plating four months ago. I think the one thing you will pick up from this board is everyone's experience with this surgery varies tremendously - probably because nerves are such tricky things to deal with. My experience only - I had the surgery quickly after developing symptoms - probably only about a month - because my pain was so... (2 replies)
... This is for you long time recoverers out there.. My Doc says to expect a 15% reduction in range of motion for every level fused. I had a two level fusion which would translate into 30% reduction in range of motion after I am fully healed. What have been your experiences after you have fully healed? ------------------ Deborah ACDF C5-C6 & C6-C7 Own Bone and Plate... (1 replies)
... Hi. I had a C5-C6 anterior cervical disc fusion on March 28, 2003. I have had like a lump in my throat that has been getting better, but just won't completely go away. It feels like a pill is stuck and if I get up tight it gets worse. Doctor tells me to just wait it will go away Anyone have any advise? Has anyone had this lump felling 3 1/2 months later? (23 replies)

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