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... I wonder which is better, your story with the surgeon or mine. I went to my first post op at 12 days and saw the Phys. Asst. My 2nd post-op was at 6 weeks and the surgeon literally came in, looked at my XRays from across the room and said it looked great and then went to leave. I had to stop him and ask him about the constant lump in MY throat, too. He said it was swelling and... (5 replies)
... Hey. We went in on the same day, Aug 14th. I had C5/C6 own bone. I feel great. Same tension as you. I wear a Philly collar and soft collar. If I use the soft collar during the day I get the stiff feeling in neck, upper back and shoulders. I take a lethal dose (for most people) of Oxycontin each day. I suffered for 7 years with increadable pain. It was only in 2005 that... (6 replies)
... Great replies!! I own my business so disability is not an option. I went in 13 days after surgery to do payroll and then stayed home another week. I did check messages, etc. from home. The 4th week I went back but took breaks where I layed down on a couch for a while. The 5th week I worked as above but was miserable. To take 6 weeks off probably would have been great.... (6 replies)

... Whew! I was thinking I was the only one left mentally f'd up after this procedure! You should make those shirts and market them on or something! I know I'd be all over it! :P I had ACDF @ C5-C6 on April 24th. At my follow-up 2 weeks later, my NS said he'd release me to go back to work if I wanted. I didn't even want to think about going back to work! I managed... (7 replies)
... Your wife may not need to take off as long as you think. How old are your children? I just had ACDF C5-6-7 on July 12th. (Donor Bone). First day after surgery was uncomfortable. The Second was much better and I came home that evening. My husband stayed home with me Thursday and went back to work on Friday Evening. The first few days you just want to sleep. On day 4 I... (80 replies)
... hey lt, ive heard of people returning to full duty, even at the patrol level. as an lt, you should be alright. i'm somewhat in your position, except worse. not exactly sure how my c5/6/7 injury occurred. nor am i claiming it as a work related injury. im at the bottom of the totem pole, with only 5 years on. im trying to delay surgery as much as possible, and hoping... (9 replies)
... Sanshock, I know how you feel about a "miracle". :bouncing: I also had ACDF C5-6 almost 4 weeks ago and feel great! I still have some slight soreness in my shoulders but even if I had to live with that for the rest of my life, it would be no problem. I hurt so bad before surgery and when I woke up I couldn't believe the relief I felt...I wanted to kiss my surgeon (not... (8 replies)
... Single-level ACDF (C5-C6). Very physical job (I am sort of a high-tech repairman. I work on MRI and CT equipment. Involves a lot of crawling/lifting/bending/laying on my back/climbing/etc.). NS is giving me 8 weeks off from time of surgery (which was this past Friday). (6 replies)
... Hi All, I am 4 weeks post op ACDF C5-C6. I have felt pretty good up until this week. I had gotten myself down to only 1 ultracet per day. On Tuesday I started hurting the same way I did before the surgery with the pressure/stabbing feeling between my shoulder blades, the headache and the aching/burning down my arms. Every time this happens I get so disappointed, thinking of... (12 replies)
... Many thanks to everyone for their insight... Things are still getting worse for me. I'm not really in a lot of pain, but I'm having muscle twitches in my legs and feet, which worries me because walking is even becoming difficult. My left arm is spasming so badly that it's hard to hold the remote control. Doc says that if I lose complete use of a limb, then I should come... (10 replies)
... I am 9 weeks post-op ACDF C5-C6-C7 August 4,2004. I was just ordered to start PT and looking forward to it. I went yesterday for the Con sult and just the little bit that she did I am sore, but I am hoping that it will get better. She gave me 3 exercises to do at home 3x a day. I just started driving a week ago. I want to be able to go back to work also but I can only sit... (9 replies)
... I too have had the Numbness along the Scarline and also Pain in that area. I get scared sometimes b/c I think that my Throat is closing up or tightening up and hurts but eventually it does go away. Some days are better than others. My Surgery was 8-03-04 had ACDF C5-C6-C7. My Blades also twinge and ache with movement. I cannot sit long at the Puter at times, but When I... (30 replies)
... I have alot of burning sensations after acdf c5-6. I am taking Nuerontin and Skelaxin with not much relief. Does anyone else have this? (23 replies)
... After you have ACDF c5-6, are you "supposed" to be like new? For example, can you go on roller coasters and do everyday things once you have recovered, or are you always going to have restrictions even after the surgery? Thanks. (23 replies)
... My surgeon has been MIA since surgery and its frustrating bec I need some advice as to when I can get back to playing softball, racquetball, blading and biking (and eventually skiing). I am 4 months post-op and still haven't done any PT yet but hope to start this week. I had ACDF C5-C6, what have you guys heard/experienced re: return to sports such as softball and basketball.... (2 replies)
... I'm going to have ACDF C5 C6 in early June and NS told me I would wear a hard collar for 6 weeks... ... (6 replies)
... HarleyGirl-- I too have an 'extracted' disc at C5-6 with 9mm cord compression due to a duty related injury in Aug 2003. Surgery was scheduled for Jan 26 but has been postponed due to having a dry socket where a tooth was recently pulled. My personal experience with the pain meds has also proven to me that they do not work for my pain. I was on 3-4 anti-inflamatory's and... (4 replies)
... I asked the NS about artificial disc replacement. He was not forthcomming with any information. I guess I should have been more forceful in my inquiry as too where I could have this done. A word to the wise I guess is that you realy have to be proactive in researching your injury and show the NS's that you are not stupid about your options. Unfortunatley it also makes them... (4 replies)
... Harleygirl, that is just terrible that the Chiropractor did that to you. I went to one twice a week for 2 months last June and my pain got worse. My problem isn't as bad as yours, I do have to have surgery level C5-6 but my pain is not that bad yet and not affecting my spinal cord. Can you go to another Dr.? There must be something they can do to help you. What kind of... (4 replies)
... I rarely post but there are so many people scared of all the bad outcomes that they read on this board. You need to remember that alot of the ones that got better quick don't frequent this board, with a few exceptions. I thought that I would tell my story to help ease some tensions. Just remember everyone is different. I have had neck pain and severe muscle spasms in my... (4 replies)

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