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... I wore a soft collar for 30 days, but my surgery included instrumentation. The opinions seem to vary widely among physicians. And, of course, everyone's situation is different. I'm one of those hyper-anxious, easily-feel-suffocated-types. Surprisingly, the collar wasn't a big problem for me. I did want to rip the thing off at times, but it wasn't nearly as tough to get... (3 replies)
... F4M: I am facing an ACDF C5-C7 on 05/18. Did your surgeon use a collar and how did you cope with that :confused: . I think I am most stressed about being in the collar and trying to get, and remain, comfortable. :rolleyes: (3 replies)
... Karen: :wave: I am 39 and had a C5-C7 ACDF on 5/18/06. I was in the hospital for 2 nights (partly due to the fact I did not sleep at ALL the first night and partly due to the fact I wanted to have the pain control that the IV allowed, so my doctor and I agreed on a second night). Medical insurance will, generally, pre-authorize 1-2 nights in the hospital. Any more than... (6 replies)

... I was originally scheduled for Dec. 21st for ACDF C5 thru C7. I am having donor bone and all the lovely plates and screws. ... (10 replies)
... Regarding loss of range of motion, I actaully have no loss when looking to my left, and maybe 50% to the right. Also some loss of chin to chest and looking straight up. I had a three level fusion and plating of C5-C7, but I had a congenital fusion of C5-6 so I am sure that may be the nature of some of my loss of motion. I found that adjusting to the discrepancy in motion was... (7 replies)
... Erin: I would like to ask you a few questions. I had a ACDF C5-6 in 5/08 and I have not had a complete week without pain in fact the last month I have gotten worse I feel the same as I did before my surgery if not worse. I have had the nerve conduction test and it didn't show anything . I was put on cortisone not even 2 wks. after surgery and then again a month later I was... (7 replies)
... Smiley, I had ACDF C5-C7 on Jan. 10th, which sounds like right when you had yours. My spasms are a nightmare. For the last 5 yrs, all i keep hearing from the professionals is "God, you are sooooooooooooo tight". Gee thanks. Now fix it!!!!!!! I started P.T. last Friday (for the 10th time in 5 yrs). I went to my 2nd post op and they said I was so tight, I really needed the P.T.... (5 replies)
... I used to work in Short and Long Term Disability and the standard for ACDF is 6 wk out of work minimum. ... (46 replies)
... Thank you for the well wishes! It sounds like you have been through quite a journey yourself. Good luck with your next journey, but I would think, based on what research I have done and what my Chiropractor has been able to help educate me with, it sounds much like my issues and they are honing in on C3-4. I have numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger with some on... (7 replies)
... Hello, I am a 40 year old man who is in good shape and I lead a very active life style. Over the last ten years I have on and off again next pain. It began as a stiff next that would be painful and limited my range of motion in my next. As time went by things progressed and pain began to go into my traps and towards my right shoulder. I would treat my condition with a... (8 replies)
... I had c4_c5 last October. None of my problems, left arm, hand and shoulder pain, neuropathy in both hands, first 3 digits. I have been dealing with this for 2 1/2 years. I had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery 3months prior to my ACDF c4-c5. No improvement in the neuropathy.In 1996 I had ACDF c6-c7. I am to have a myelogram next Tuesday because the surgeon thinks my problems are... (7 replies)
... Hello, I wish you both a full recovery, it will take at least 1 month to really start to feel better and actually notice a difference(symptom/pain wise), you both have had major surgery and your body needs the rest to heal. Congrats CCTVEngineer on being smoke free! I quit smoking after 20+yrs so my fusion would not fail as well(I had C4-C5,C5-C6,C6-7 fused in 2009). I have... (7 replies)
... I had far less throat discomfort and far less neck pain than I had imagined. I too was very worried about the ACDF since it is so permanent and changes you physically. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Its been 7 weeks since my ACDF C5-C6 and C6-C7 with Plate. I had an appointment with the surgeon today. He reviewed my X-rays and everything is in its proper place, the plate and screws look good and the bones are fusing. My incision looks good, I still have a little swelling and that will go away in time. I was relieved to hear all that. Im released to... (12 replies)
... Hi, Here are my new MRI results. I went to the ER yesterday because of new excruciating pain. I had ACDF C6-7 (1/11) and ACDF C5-6 (2007). I'm going to paraphrase: C3-4 - minimal diffuse disc osteophyte with minimal right-sided foraminal narrowing. No spinal canal narrowing. C4-5 - Mild left greater than right broad-based disc bulge which abuts and deforms the... (1 replies)
... Hi, Spine, Thanks for the reply. Wow, you (and others on this board) have had a lot of problems --how are you doing now? How was your multi-level ACDF? What are your current problems w C4 and C6 is loose (even though fused)? I am in my late 30s, so I worry about having to have one surgery after another at my age. I am not sure whether to try to avoid surgery with... (5 replies)
... This is something that may be remedied by plate removal. Doctors have a very strong preference to avoid this but I've read at least one article in browsing online, doctor authored materials for myself that claim that it is does work. Second surgery is the downside and it is a consideration if you are contemplating more surgery in that area. It takes about 1 hour versus 3 hours... (25 replies)
... Hello !!! This is my first time here so have patience, please. Stumbled across this forum while doing some research through Google. Hope to find some first hand answers and opinions from you all. Short background... I am a professional opera singer, 47 years old, dramatic baritone, been doing it for almost 25 years. Dont really know when and how the mess got started but... (1 replies)
... Hey Mike - you'll quickly find that everyone's experience is a bit different. I've heard lots of horror stories, lots of success stories. I'm a 34 year old male, have done softball and bowling leagues, play some pickup ball, some weights, etc... I had ACDF C5-6 on 9/20/08. I was back in the office (office/desk job) on 9/29/08 which was probably a little too soon... then I... (8 replies)
... :wave: I had my one year post-op visit with the Orthopedic Spine Surgeon today. The fusion is 100% complete and shows good positioning :) I still have some disc space narrowing at C4-C5 which I knew about :rolleyes: (we decided to fuse C5-C7 and wait until the future, or maybe never if I'm lucky, to do a higher fusion if I should develop symptoms of C4-C5 disc problems in... (6 replies)

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