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... I believe that is the generic form of VALIUM, which as I understand it is a pretty addictive drug... ... (10 replies)
... Saw my NS a week ago and still do not have an answer as to what he will do. But this guy is great. Has super "bedside" manner and a great sense of humor which I really appreciate. ... (4 replies)
... surgery, for which i only wore during my up time, not to bed. And i slept in my bed comfortably day I arrived home after surgery. I really don't understand what AS is or where you have it or if this is something that can alleviate that. From what i do understand, it is inflamation of 1 or more vertebrae affecting the joint. ... (4 replies)

... old the same thing about my back problems, that I was too young to have these problems, and have the back of a 70 year old. Gee Thanks!!! Anyway, I am doing well as far as the herniated disk and surgery goes, but i do still deal with the stenosis. Let me know how your treatments go! ... (8 replies)
... not satisfied with this, get a 2nd opinion fron a neuro. I don't blame you for wanting a firm diagnosis, because you then know what exactly you are dealing with. As far as pain management, I have DDD, stenosis, and had a laminectomy on a herniated disk. ... (8 replies)
... mages reveal posterior spurring of C4 and C5" ok my question is 1st does anyone know what any of that means, and 2nd is degenerative disc disease associated with AS at all? ... (8 replies)
... I know that cervical stenosis can cause issues throughout your body but primary is shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. But it all depends on the nerves that are affected. All the nerves start in the cervical are and branch off at each facet joint down the spine so depending on location would equal your symptoms. Getting an mri report and physical exam will tell a lot. Have... (3 replies)
... i don't know what is it because my neck roll is what makes my left leg go numb... and now my neck has sever pain as well all the way till shoulders. ... (3 replies)
... ew neuro will be nice and at least order a new brain scan. But if there are no new lesions, then I don't know what they will do. AND, I do see a NEW PCP in april as well, maybe she will be more "into me" than my last dr. Until then, I just suffer in silence and on these boards. ... (11 replies)
... ro on april 4th. Either way... it is time for my follow up brain scan, maybe the als neuro will order it, OR, send me to the ms neuro who is in the same building as him. ... (11 replies)
... It's fine... I totally understand the brain mri. I basically posted it because MS also has numbness, tingling and pain as a symptom. ... (11 replies)
... Hey I don't judge you at all trying to figure out how to get help in your recovery days!! I am extremely blessed that I have an extremely supportive husband & mother & father!! I do keep my 3 & 4 yr old grandchildren but their other grandmother chipped in & has thankfully helped my son & his wife. Course it's been do hard for me & my babies because were so attached to each... (25 replies)
... Phone call at 9.30 this a.m. They are MRI ing me on Monday evening now. This is good (though I'm missing a quiz I was taking part in) as it means I should have my results back in good time for my orthopaedic appoitnment. :) (25 replies)
... She isn't manipulating it, I called her for some advice really, last week she checked my movement,got out her model spine, showed me what's what and said she wasn't prepared to mess with me till after the MRI, she also gave me advice on sleeping positions and what to avoid doing. Today she did some light massage as I have a really cramped neck muscle giving me a bad headache... (25 replies)
... Good luck, and I hope things remain "static", as you put it. The reference to the ER, though, reinforces my suspicion that your docs are viewing your gait problems with some concern. ... (25 replies)
... shows only mild diffuse symmetric prominence to the disk margin but the canal is definitely reduced in caliber as above. Foramina remain relatively generous. ... (0 replies)
... and take a bone graph from my hip as my original fusion was 2 donor bones and then do the fusion. ... (10 replies)
... if surgery was done as disc c6-c7 in 2006 and now the disc 5 above the surgery site has collasped is that considered a new injury? (1 replies)
... Chrissy, one thing at a time, while you are recovering watch what you eat. perhaps lots of fruits & vegtables. I have been munching on yougurt covered raisens, they kind cure that sweet tooth. I have learned with my sister-in-law & husband having cancer that the diets they were told to follow excluded meat, choc. & carbs. Lots of greens, fish & some fruits, more green veg.... (43 replies)
... like you're seeing improvement over several days at a time, as I'm sure it's up and down daily. ... (43 replies)

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