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... Many thanks for this message board as I've been perusing around quite a bit trying to educate myself on recent MRI results and subsequent Neurosurgeon consults. ... (10 replies)
... The 2 problems most of us have in our necks are nerve compression and spinal cord compression. As PB explained, the nerves peel off the cord at each vertebra and go out to the body....and this is where most of your pain comes from. ... (3 replies)
... year residency in basic neurosurgery and then a 1 year in spine surgery as a fellowship. They do learn spine surgery as part of the basic NS residency but more and more, people want someone who has done the spine fellowship and it shows they intend to do spine work only. ... (11 replies)

... pposite sides and out to the body. They do have nerves and can hurt from the first millimeter of the nerve fiber. There are no nerves coming out between C1 and 2 as they rotate too much to allow it. The nerves that come out at C2 serve the back of the head and front of the throat. ... (4 replies)
... just a thought there for you. but DO ask your OB and call the facility where you would be going for that MRI as well so they could ask the radiologist about the contrast while nursing too. ... (7 replies)
... I wanted to just say this, as doctors will blow you off if the trauma to you is not verified as being caused from the mva? ... (2 replies)
... just knowing what was found in there, and as that interpretting rad typed it up word for word, and if esp what you mentioned about your 'cord being touched', is that true? ... (3 replies)
... or what the rad referred to as "route changes'. ... (18 replies)
... nd more or go out of the house then my hands start getting numb again which really scares me. The weather has been up and down in MN so I try to get out walking as much as I can depending on the day. I did ask my dr if I could return to work next week. This Thursday will be 3 weeks post op. ... (21 replies)
Acdf c-6-7
Feb 9, 2012
... you very much could also have suffered at least "some' level of real impact at the posterior side as well. it all depends upon just how much real solid force was pushed into that area of your cord. ... (10 replies)
... As for doing laundry I was told to bend and twist as little as possible and not to lift anything more than 10 pounds. Seems to me that doing laundry and playing tennis 3 weeks post op would be against a doctor's advice. ... (13 replies)
Acdf c-6-7
Feb 7, 2012
... plus the neurophysiatrists own op notes TELLING what he saw and how your body responded as well to certain "types' of changes in status, if something just DID occur. ... (10 replies)
... so i am curious what they would describe this as overall. ... (18 replies)
... NCS on my lumbar as well as the bottoms of my feet are so numb I can't feel the gas pedal when driving. I have problems on both sides at S1 and the left side with L5...sound familiar? ... (2 replies)
... So here is the bottom line with your neck and lumbar spine. You have 2 areas where the spinal nerves are being compressed but both are "ranked" as being "mild". The 4 levels of severity are minimal, mild, moderate and severe and most spine surgeon will not touch you until you are "severe". ... (9 replies)
... Yours aren't herniated yet but they are drying up and when that happens, they can develop a hard jagged edge on them as if they are forming bone spurs....they are part of the joint so bone spurs can form on them. ... (18 replies)
... s type of an x ray alone can show sooo much more in some cases than MRI and CT only because of what this will show AND what was my own experience with non fusion as well. ... (8 replies)
... O just 'go' for us in our lives the way they are supposed to, even the really sucky parts. it all has its reasons that DO impact our lives and changes us in ways as well. sometimes like "finding" certain things, it is usually a 'good thing". ... (21 replies)
... ANY actual 'treatment options'. some things are now more recommended when the malf is either generating insane symptoms for the patient or 'high levels of pain' as well. what i mentioned in the other post about doing the sclerosing of the angioma IS pretty much kind of standard now. ... (21 replies)
... rts of spinal. these are actually formed while YOU are forming in utero for some insane reason. and there really is not a whole lot that even CAN be done, unless as jen stated, they ARE generating insanity like mine started too. ... (21 replies)

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