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Muscle spasms
Feb 6, 2001
... November did appear to be exaggerated by the pain of my neck problems but are not totally gone since the operation. BUT one must understand that I have a lower back problem as well. Therefore, you may also have a back problem as well. ... (6 replies)
... Valium also helps with my severe leg spasms i aquired post spinal cord surgery,but it does not appear to want to help with the neck and upper back spasms and muscle wads i keep getting up there.don't really understand that one. ... (24 replies)
... upper back spasms. I have to say the chest is the worst. ... (11 replies)

... I had the spasms before surgery ad I am having tham at times after. ... (2 replies)
... This might seem like a silly question, but has anyone gotten a really good explanation from their doctor about why so many of us get these severe postop back and neck muscle spasms? ... (2 replies)
Muscle spasms
Feb 5, 2001
... back spasms related to cervical disks problems and leg weakness or could this be something else altogether? ... (6 replies)
Back Spasms
Jun 29, 2007
... I'd Really Like To Get My Tattoo Finished But I Don't Know How To Avoid My Back Freaking Out. Any Advise? ... (1 replies)
... I was having what I thought was muscle spasms on the opposite side and when PT did not help I went to an orthopedic surgeon for the pain. ... (2 replies)
... mid level, I have significant constant chest pressure and back spasms. Activity horribly aggravates the pain. but it hurts just sitting still. ... (3 replies)
Back Spasms
Jul 1, 2007
... ut keep in mind that because of your disease your body may telling you something. That does not mean I'm adverse to tattoos, I'm not I have A fabulous one on my back of the solar system. ... (1 replies)
... Anyhow, in the months preceding the shoulder surgery, and in time since, the pain in the back of my neck and tops of my shoulders has worsened. ... (6 replies)
... one of the most painful conditions known. I think docs say that a lot because they have no clue what is wrong and it is easier to throw it back on you than admit they don't know. ... (15 replies)
Muscle spasms???
Jun 1, 2004
... ing the neck area I have had way more than my share of those horrid muscle spasms.It has been like 9 months since my last surgery and i am still dealing with the spasms and these big wads of muscle that keep building up in my upper back. ... (8 replies)
... For those of you that had ACDF, did you have alot of muscle spasms before your surgery? ... (6 replies)
... Hello everyone. I thought this was a good forum to ask this. I have been having this weird feeling in my back for about a year now. It feels like a wave up my spine. Went to the doc and she said I have a cyst on my spine. Just from feeling a bump on my lower back. ... (1 replies)
... ded to try and start playing racquetball again. i played a few games which seemed uneventful during play, but then i woke up one day with severe pain in my upper back right by the muscles by my right shoulder blade. right next to the bone there. you can feel the huge lump sitting there. ... (4 replies)
Muscle spasms
Oct 12, 2003
... As I've posted before, my main source of pain is relentless muscle spasms in all the muscles surrounding my spinal cord, with referred spasms in my arms and legs. I also have bruising, which I assume is directly related to the spasms. ... (0 replies)
... Anyway....I think muscle spasms are common. My ortho surgeon told me that surgery was in no way going to get rid of my shoulder and neck pain.. ... (5 replies)
... Muscle spasms are a pretty common complaint both before and after ACDF. ... (6 replies)
... T2 laminectomy, foramenectomy and fusions back on November 7th. ... (1 replies)

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