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Sore Upper Arms
Jul 8, 2008
... tommorrow that I am praying will shed some light. I would not let it go, thats for sure, it caused some some permanant damage. I could not raise either one of my arms above my waist this morning until I could take my second dose of my meds, that is an example of how bad it has become. ... (3 replies)
... I have been having pain in both my shoulders, and arms. Not radiating but just pains, little annoying pains. Also my my muscles just above my armpits are like sore or feel burning. Sometimes my neck hurts and burns and my back shoulder blades. Could this be all connected? ... (2 replies)
... mom, i sell on ebay, but lateley cant do much, feel extremly tired, sore, numb arms dont work well. ... (3 replies)

... Hi everyone, I woke this morning with both arms to painful to move. Could not lift my coffe without spilling it. Feels like something is pinching in my right shoulder. ... (11 replies)
... both arms in the morning can be hard to move. ... (5 replies)
Sore Upper Arms
Jul 9, 2008
... and was truly a 'weakness' as I'd loss muscle strength in both and had muscle atrophy in one of my arms. ... (3 replies)
... Smaller mass of right arm triceps, easily visible when compared to left arm. Although I had same symptoms for both arms, right arm symptoms started earlier. ... (4 replies)
Sore Upper Arms
Jul 8, 2008
... ox 5 weeks ago. By the end of the day I am so uncomfortable that I have to take 2 Nurofen to help me sleep. I sleep on either side and find that by the morning both shoulders are quite stiff and sore. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ... (3 replies)
Just burning now
Feb 4, 2003
... s and spinal stenosis threw me for a loop! I started experiencing numbness in my finger tips the end of November 2002. By the end of December I lost feeling in both hands, both arms, and my feet. By January I had no feeling in my mouth. I couldn't sense hot or cold, and had no taste sensation. I was scared. ... (12 replies)
... al weeks, that's getting sorer every day. Feels like a sprain, but there's nothing I can remember doing which would have caused a sprain. Also muscle spasms in both triceps. After I force the muscle to relax, by bending my arms, there is several seconds of twitching in the triceps. ... (8 replies)
... bad posture, no rest. So I tried to rest my right hand, brushing my teeth and everything with my left, but then my left got really sore, an intense burning in both arms. It became difficult to drive. ... (0 replies)
... When i woke up from my surgery other than the regular sore throat and surgery site pain i realised i didnt seem to have the same excrutiating pain as before but still had numbness and some discomfort.I was on cloud nine! ... (1 replies)
... I have no idea what I may have done. I cleaned out kitchen cabinets last Friday, felt a little tight and sore afterwards, but nothing more than that. I was sick Saturday, throwing up several times that morning, but wasn't aware of any pain or discomfort afterwards. ... (10 replies)
... Absolutely it can be your cervical spine! I had heaviness in both legs and both arms but mostly on my left arm and leg. ... (9 replies)
... I went to my PCP in May 2004 because I was getting electrical shocks down both arms when I coughed. He ordered an MRI. ... (8 replies)
... ACDF but have now started to experience new pains. I am quite stiff and sore in the neck area and am finding it hard to turn around, especially to the left side. ... (1 replies)
... I got sooooooo much good advice here about preparing for being home after surgery. I hate to think how miserable my recovery might have been if I hadn't expected and been ready for some of it. There are always newcomers asking about the same thing, but the suggestions get lost in long threads. Which is why I'm starting anew with this one. So, if you're an "after", pitch in... (8 replies)
... Hi Everyone, First I want to express my sympathy to both Nero, and DK,I know how hard it is to have a loved one in a medical crisis,I dont think it ever gets easier with time when it comes to things happening as it has for your parents,I lost my father at the young age of 51,and my mother at 57 yrs,I thought my Mom and dad would always be there.Nero I feel for you and what you... (9 replies)
So scared
Aug 24, 2014
... c4 fusion in May of 2012 for herniated discs crushing my spinal cord. I went in at 7 am and went home at 5 PM. I had a sore throat for 3 days and after that I had no further pains of any kind. I wore a hard collar for 8 wks. ... (26 replies)
Please help
Nov 21, 2011
... was narrowing in my C7.. I have arthritis in my neck as well....I'm in pain everyday of my life...I have pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders that runs down both arms.. but my fingers on my right hand only hurt but not my head leans to the left at all times. I don't understand why it does that.. ... (2 replies)

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