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... I have reasearched this, but wondered if anyone else had this, or info about this. I had onset of right leg burning nerve pain in Nov 2008. ... (6 replies)
... can sciatica cause no leg pain but burning feet? ... (1 replies)
... months after surgery and inverted my neck from lordosis to kyphosis. So it was back to the OR and a C3 to T1 emergency fusion. It was after the fusion I had the burning pain you are talking about. ... (6 replies)

... Hi Jenny--where is your aneurysm--that's a significant concern. I feel they tipped my head back for the anesthesia, and that's what worsened the burning pain--will remind my MD. I have some scar patches, and am slowly desensitizing it ( PT friend showed me how to massage it). A summer in the sun is not such a bad thing, but I do wish you get the best of care and the... (6 replies)
... Thank you! I'm hoping for good news too as I have a very impatient aneurysm that needs surgery as well but they won't do it until they decide about the neck. It affects anesthesia. If they can't tip my head back without risking paralysis then I'll either have to wait for the neck surgery before aneurysm or have the aneurysm done under an epidural(spinal). So I'm planning a... (6 replies)
... Since two days after the accident, I have been having pain in my lumbar region. It started with vague pain in both hips. ... (5 replies)
... I've had pain in both legs for about two months, and slight swelling in my left leg. At times it seems my right leg is a bit puffy too. ... (3 replies)
... n nerve a year ago. Pressure on nerve was relieved but the damage to the nerve is still there. Have had shots to relieve back pain, which worked. Had shots for burning which did not work. Currently taking neurontin and lyrica. I alternate them depending on whether I will be needing a clear head for the next 8 hours or so. ... (6 replies)
... of leg to the feet came back with vengance. ... (6 replies)
... gh as I'm at my wits end and truly frightened and concerned. I just turned 35 and for the past 6 or so months I have been experiencing very painful periods. The pain was located solely on the right side and would spread down my right leg. It was so bad that feel of fabric brushing up against my leg would cause me to cry out. ... (3 replies)
... I have had the same problem with my feet for 9 yrs. The pain is much worse in the right foot. I can't wear socks or shoes or even have the bedsheet touch my feet. They are also cold all the time. ... (1 replies)
... There is an explanation for the intense back pain and, to some extent, the right leg pain because of the L5-S1 herniation. I said that my elbows and wrists hurt and that my shoulders, arms, and hands burned. I am rolling those symptoms into one because I think they're probably being caused by the same thing. That being said, the arms are my most concern only because I do not... (9 replies)
... Hi to the forum... I understand you are not doctors but your wxperience with similar would give me a direction to go in... 8 months ago my ankles began to fell sore and swollen. Also the bottom of both my feet felt like they where "burning" (like walking on hot sand... day and night). Blood tested for everything and rheumatoid arthritis.. all came back clean. In 2008 I was... (0 replies)
... I take 30mg cymbalta every morning for last 5 years and it changed my life, to virtually being normal again, I suffered for two years before this with very bad burning sensation, back of thighs to hallway up my buttocks, top of knee caps later bottom of feet and palm of my hands, Caffeine and alcohol consumption makes conditio. ... (1 replies)
... day, it just makes the burning bearable, but it's still always there and gets worse with almost any activity. ... (6 replies)
... Not yet, I've had the low back and leg pain since I blew out the disk's in my neck. ... (15 replies)
... but it felt like like my cervical area became more painful,i felt like i had a wet swollen stump in my back,but the leg pain was gone. ... (15 replies)
... Neurontin is the 1st thing I tried and it has always worked, so I have not needed to try to Lyrica yet. I have heard that some do better than others, with Neurontin. I am up to the 1800 mg. as well, but I have had to gradually go up and I know eventually I will need to increase it. I did learn, from here on the boards, that for best results and the least amount of... (6 replies)
... You are most certainly welcome! My aneurysm is on the artery leading to the spleen. It also supplies the lower half of the stomach and upper part of the pancreas. It appears it's out by the spleen which would mean taking out the spleen with the aneurysm but they have yet to ascertain that for sure. If it's closer in, then it's a graft. It could be done under an epidural but... (6 replies)
... Gosh Jenny that is such a big fusion--you have been through so much. I hope you get some good news in June. It is encouraging to hear --though it was tough on you for a long time. Wishing you good news and good healing. (6 replies)

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