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... Webdozer....I had the MRI on Jan.8. Now I am TERRFIED. See below & explain PLEASE!! I'm in tears...... FINDINGS: The patient appears to have undergone interval C5 corpectomy with interbody cage placement and C4-C6 anterior spinal fusion. There is mild reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. Non surgical level vertebral body and disc space heights are normal. Spinal... (5 replies)
I never knew...
Apr 4, 2003
... hey hon... gracias for your kind words :) i had a C4 corpectomy with intervening discectomies at C3-4 and C4-5 planned but the ns was able to do c5-6 also, so i have no idea what it would be called now... i have a titanium spinal cage filled with the bones he took out from the corpectomy, crushed up... a titanium plate and screws too. my incision is 3 inches long and the... (27 replies)
... I don't know how they let this situation happen. What levels are they going to do the cervical corpectomy and fusion? ... (4 replies)

... at the same time. A corpectomy is a procedure in which they actually remove all or part of the vertebrae that is compressing the cord. ... (5 replies)
... Trauma - This all started with a snowboarding injury in Feb. 2007. My 360 :jester: turned into a 270 :angel: and I landed hard face first. NS postulated I hyperextended my neck and bad whiplash occurred. MRI/X-rays showed I suffered a compression fracture at C6 and over 5 years, this lead to DDD, reversal of normal lordosis, herniated disks, moderate stenosis, myelopathy,... (3 replies)
... done anterior it wasn't too bad but I did have a corpectomy at C5 with a plate and 4 screws. ... (28 replies)
Mar 18, 2003
... Just a few lines to thank you all for your generosity. The fact that you openly share your fears - your struggles with and/or triumphs over them - has allowed me to understand that I just might make it through my own current and upcoming ordeals. I'm having surgery next week for my condition (Cervical Stenosis with disc herniation at all levels, from moderate to severe). At... (19 replies)
... sort of similar to the corpectomy but I had no fusion or plates. ... (2 replies)
... Dianne ~ I see you are having Anterior surgery and that will be a lot easier then what I had. Sorry I didn't see that before my last post. :o Just this last June I had ACDF of C6-7 and about 2 years ago I had ACDF of C4-5, C5-6 with a corpectomy. The recovery from anterior was not too bad but I still don't see going back to work so soon after surgery. Where you work will... (28 replies)
... Although it might seem very hard to do. It can be done. I remember when I was released from the hospital last year after my 2 cervical(C-4 to C7 Anterior & C4 to T1 Posterior) surgeries I did drive a partial of the way home. Mainly because we were in Louisville, Ky. & my wife was so frazzled about me being in pain & the traffic that's up there. One thing for sure have all... (2 replies)
... So when you look down, I suppose that would be putting backwards pressure on disks, if you had any left. Could it be that C3-4 is getting pushed back into your spinal cord, just a little? The leg thing is odd. Why would the LENGTH of time walking matter, unless you are perhaps changing your posture a little as you tire? Anyway, I don't know what you can DO about all... (3 replies)
... Hi Roadrunner1966: I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble, too. It really sucks always being in pain, doesn't it! I hope that you heal quickly and all goes well for you. Take care of yourself... (11 replies)
... k sweety, sorry your screwed up but if i was you, do the surgery all the way, and hope and pray it works, i am still not right either and i had c6 c7 laminectomy corpectomy fusion in nov 2010. Good luck and God bless!! ... (11 replies)
... Hello all, I was a squeeky wheel here seven years ago and after sussesfull surgery sort of faded away. Well I am back. Same old story I am hoping someone in the know can help sort these terms out. I apologize for spelling & othet typos, but hands are numb and my "fat fumble fingers" just dont seem to do what i want them to. Aslo I think the gabapentin makes me stupid. ... (10 replies)
... ne that preferred the laminectomy was older and said that this approach was the "gold standard", as it's been done that way for many years. The one espousing the corpectomy was a younger person that had different training, possibly meaning a more "modern" approach? ... (8 replies)
... the laminaplasty over a laminectomy, as it would help maintain stability in my neck. It was possible in my case because of my previous surgery. Had I not had the corpectomy earlier, a laminectomy would have been about my only choice, as the laminaplasty would not have opened up the spinal column enough. ... (4 replies)
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Feb 10, 2004
... Another person with a corpectomy! That's unusual. I had a C5 & C6 corpectomy (fused C4-C7) almost 2 years ago and a C3/C4/C5 laminaplasty 3 months ago. My neck had been making noises before any of the surgeries, but really started to crunch after the corpectomy. It hasn't been getting any better either. I've been living with the noise for 2 years now, and I guess it'll... (5 replies)
... I had a two level corpectomy about 1. ... (6 replies)
... I am 4 months postop ACDF with 2 level fusion C4-C6 and corpectomy. I am interested at some point in finding out the new condition of my neck after surgery. I do have a 2in x 1in titanium plate in my neck. Is there some special form of MRI that is available for me that will give good pictures of the neck with a titanium plate in there? Or, must I go and get the high... (3 replies)
... half years ago. I never had much pain from the corpectomy at all. I still have pain from the laminaplasty. ... (2 replies)

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