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... Lisa... Lemonade sounds great... It's hot here in Philadelphia too. I think I am having CAT's day from hell which was her yesterday... Neck won't move... Headache is pounding... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Ok now I should start to feel better soon! ------------------ Jackie *************** Left paramedian subligamentous herniation C5-C6 causing left foraminal stenosis and... (41 replies)
Aug 20, 2003
... Lisa, I am soooo very happy to hear that someone out there is listening to one of us :) Maybe you should be the spokeswoman for all of us :D I wish you all the luck with your MRI on Monday. I am not having a very good day today, I feel like my neck bones are broken. :( But, on the other hand I am glad one of us is progressing along... or beginning to anyway ... (8 replies)
Cute story
Aug 15, 2003
... Awwww... that's a cute story... Sometimes are kids need to remind us how important we are to them It sounds like he cares about you very much ------------------ Jackie *************** Left paramedian subligamentous herniation C5-C6 causing left foraminal stenosis and cord compression;... (3 replies)

... Thanks Tool :D ... I'm taking full advantage of these interpretations!!! ------------------ Jackie *************** Left paramedian subligamentous herniation C5-C6 causing left foraminal stenosis and cord compression; ------------------------ Right paramedian subligamentous herniation at C6-C7, abutted against the vetral aspect of the spinal cord (2 replies)
... I would suggest the point stim (trigger point therapy) that seems to really help the muscle spasms for me anyway. If you attend P.T. ask your therapist. If not, ask your doctor for a P.T. script so that you can get the point stem... you will notice a difference almost immediately. It really does help! Hope you're feeling better soon :) ------------------ Jackie... (2 replies)
~~~ Keith ~~~
Aug 13, 2003
... Hi Keith... I don't know if it'll be much help, but when I was having those awful headaches I had the Occipital Nerve Block in the back of my head it helped tremendously! I don't know if you would be interested but I'm sure your doctor could hook you up with an Anesthesiologist to do it! I have them done whenever the headaches start up again, otherwise I would probably blow... (10 replies)
... I would NEVER allow the surgery without being kept at least overnight. With the medical malpractice what it is today no doctor should even suggest OUTPATIENT SURGERY when it comes to major surgery. Do not allow them to do this to you, you deserve to be watched overnight for any complications ------------------ Jackie *************** Left paramedian subligamentous... (14 replies)
New Member
Jun 7, 2003
... I too have spinal compression, and a few years ago I swore I would never have any kind of surgery again. But now that my cord compression is symptomatic, I am fighting tooth and nail to get my surgery as soon as possible. Get the second and third opinion, and definatly check out the doc. ... (10 replies)
... narrowing is quite a bit and the instability means it's possible for the vertebra to slip further and cause more impingement. ... (10 replies)
... I feel for all of you and I cannot wait to give my support and advice to all of you. ... (8 replies)
... for what started out, I thought, as some innocuous tingling in my hands. 2 months in wrist braces and an EMG later, they started questioning if it was my neck and not my wrists or elbows. ... (17 replies)
... The cord compression should not cause pain but if one set of leg muscles is weak and others are not, the difference will cause muscle spasms and pain. ... (13 replies)
... I am one of the MRI "interpreters" here...not that I have anything to do with radiology but I've had to learn from reading my own MRI's and CT's and then doing the research to understand. ... (5 replies)
... The pain in my arms is a constant. I can't sleep because whichever side I sleep on, I wake up in the middle of the night with numbess and tingling. Have to try to sleep on my back but that is sooo hard. Also, my pillow is never right. ... (26 replies)
... Thanks so much, Sammy! All you guys' support and quick replies sure has helped me a lot! That makes sense as to why they would've only ordered one. ... (29 replies)
... My advice, any compression should be taken seriuously. ... (20 replies)
... for about 10 days...I had minor shocks when I would bend my head forward as in getting in and out of a car... ... (20 replies)
... s in my finger tips right before Thanksgiving 2002. By Christmas it was up to my arm pits, along with losing the feeling in my feet. My legs were very "shakey" and it was getting increasing harder to walk. By the second week of January, I lost all feeling and my sense of taste in my mouth. ... (22 replies)
... penis. No dr. has been able to identify why he is having any symptoms below the belt. And no dr. has been able to give assurance that symptoms will diminish with surgery. He has no loss of motor function or strength. ... (4 replies)
... With all respect, I'm sure you didn't mean "at ALL costs", and I don't want to pick on you, but that's a dangerous way of thinking. Surgery MAY be the best alternative, and if it's the best, then it's the best. ... (4 replies)

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